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Boutique is a multi-purpose hotel WordPress theme by HermesThemes. In-terms of usability, you can try it to create online presence for resorts, hotels and other accommodation related service provider businesses. If you check out detail from product page then it clearly revels that all core features have been integrated by developer.

So, you won’t need extra plugins for most of the tasks, though it works with additional plugins to add lightbox, online booking from 3rd party service provider.

Boutique Theme Homepage - HermesThemes

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Why Boutique WordPress Hotel Theme ?

Easy Frontpage Setup : Not only homepage but entire website is flexible enough to customize it in anyway you want. The homepage demo provides you an idea about setting professional structure using demo files. You can still follow your own concept to display slideshow, hotel business introduction, best rooms, photo gallery, booking module, contacts and offers detail.

Thanks to the homepage content widgets that allows you to show call to action, main rooms and suites, featured pages, blog news posts and all stuff in single page. You don’t need anything like high design skill or coding experience to customize homepage or any other part of the hotel website.

Header Area : Hotels need to how their contact number and main links in header. Therefore, Boutique Theme comes provides customizable header that shows hotel logo on left with contact details and booking call to action button on right side.

Boutique Header

The primary menu bar looks nice with bold and colorful background style which is best place to promote pages for hotel rooms, events, gallery, blog, offers and contacts.

Footer and Widgets Areas : HermesThemes has developed many best widgets so you can share information on footer and sidebar. Custom widgets have been integrated top provide easy way to display rooms posts, offers, social links, banners, contacts and other stuff. Footer has 5 columns wide space that is used to display custom links, contacts and other details.

Boutique Theme - Footer Widgets

Hotel/Resort Theme Features : HermesThemes

Adding Rooms Page : Rooms and suites page is managed with custom page templates attributes. You can define one rooms showcase page and assign it with “Rooms List” template which is going to be your main rooms display page. You can add introduction and custom title to this page and rest of the space will show child pages as rooms listings.

You have to assign all rooms listings as child and set rooms listing page as parent. As a result, you will see all rooms and suites in single page showing title, details and featured images.

Boutique - Rooms Page

Offers Page : Hotel business requires two main features : one is online booking facility to help user find rooms quickly which is already available in this theme. Another key feature is offers and discounts to attracts people for booking. Boutique WordPress theme provides “Directory” custom page template to promote Offers & Packages. Then start adding new booking packages and offers by setting them as child under “Directory” page.

Boutique Theme - Offers Page

Photo Gallery : No special plugins are required for gallery because WordPress gallery feature provides enough support. Just create one page and then upload images to create gallery by selecting multiple columns layout. You can install “Lightbox Effect plugin” to display gallery nicely. Hotels can use gallery space to display photos for events, celebrations, rooms and nearest sights.

Boutique - Gallery Hermes Themes

Conclusion Talk : Boutique Hotel Template

Customization Options : Business people are never familiar with programming stuff so they need visual options. Hermes Themes has developed easy options panel integrated with customizer to setup font and color style. The customizer helps you to setup general settings, main navigation menu, footer widgets, contact details and everything.

You can also manage homepage widgets, Heading, Single post, and other stuff from customizer.

Boutique Customization Colors

Responsive : Let your clients see your rooms, search module, booking section and contacts from smallest screen. You just need to add contents and it will serve all users who comes from tablet, smart phones and other devices. When your hotel site works on handy devices then people are more likely to visit your website to find best rooms and booking deals.

Blog Page : Use blog as the marketing tool to promote best deals and travel stories. Nice authors can surely get many readers for your hotel website by sharing travel spots details about all places located near your hotel. Blog can have a sidebar that shows custom widget blocks to show latest posts, advertisements, social links and much more.

Boutique - Blog Page

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