Zigzagpress Dulcis Demo : Genesis WordPress Blogging Theme

Dulcis by Zigzagpress is a premium WordPress blogging theme with minimalist and pure elegant design. It is a child theme supported by Genesis framework so you need this framework as it is not provided with package. You can find lots of blog templates from different developers which comes as free or premium products. But, this theme has quiet different blog layout that covers latest SEO and blogging needs.

Dulcis Demo Zigzagpress - WordPress Genesis Child Blog Theme -

If you just browse homepage, single post, and few other pages from demo, then you will get all idea bout it’s light weight design. Despite showing many blog post in masonry grid, it still maintains good performance.

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Dulcis WordPress Theme : Key Features

Frontpage : Forget the old blog styles where yo just had to use one simple style to display blog entries. Now you can powerful your blog platform with masonry grid layout which shows many post entries within same space. The demo shows 3 columns grid layout with good spacing between all 3 columns. The featured post entries show variable thumbnail image sizes as it is powered by masonry layout.

So your visitors will always be able to see each blog post entry in nice style. Along with that, you will see title linking to full post and excerpt with a couple of words. If you look over top homepage then it shows a big carousel type slideshow. This section highlights selected posts with big featured images and post titles. The slider is optional so you can keep it on or off as needed.

Dulcis Home Masonry Grid and Slideshow

Ajax Pagination : Not only homepage but every content listing or archive page uses auto load pagination. Check the bottom homepage area where you will see “Load More” pagination link. When user clicks this link then it automatically fetch posts from previous archive section and load them in seamless style. The good thing about ajax loading style is that it never refresh entire page and loads contents in smooth style.

Responsive : Dulcis genesis blogging theme is adaptive for any screen types. The flexible responsive design makes it visible same as you can see in desktop devices. So you don’t have to worry about resizing multiple columns, header, slider or any other stuff. It just shrink the contents automatically as required by view port. And user will always get best browsing and reading experience while using it on smart phone or any modern internet devices.

Load More Ajax Pagination - Dulcis

Drone : Zigzagpress Genesis Blogging Theme

Zigzagpress Genesis Blog Theme : More Features

Header and Fixed Menu : Mostly all modern WordPress themes are being provided with this feature and it is very useful. If you browse the demo and look at the top of the page then you always find navigation menu on the top of the page. This is called floating menu which keeps readers in contact with menu system. Hence, they can easily browse more blog categories and other pages within your site.

This feature can not only improve browsing speed but also save lots of time required to scroll to top of the page. The navigation feature includes two menu options so you can display one menu bar below header and another one on the left of header using button. The hamburger navigation button loads full-screen menu style using animated drop-down style. Header logo combines tag-line options and right header area has space to display search box icon.

Dulcis Menu and Header

Footer Area : The bottom of the page is filled with widget columns which is know as footer. You can use upto 4 widgets for this section to display recent posts, contacts, author intro, custom links or anything. Dulcis uses entire width space that is provided for footer, so you can use it to promote contents within website.

Genesis provides widgets for Newsletter, Custom texts, Social media and Advertisement supports. So you can always fill your website with nice banners which can earn revenue or custom links to increase page-views.

Dulcis Zigzagpress : Benefits

Single Post : Once you open an article in full view mode then you will find many good elements. The article provided lots of space to display big images, videos and texts in bold style. The post title easily attracts reader’s attention with large font size. If you scroll all the way to the bottom area then you will see comment box and related articles list.

Threaded comments can allow user to talk with authors or other users who have left comment on article. This way, you can trigger good discussion like forums. The “Related Articles” list uses dynamic thumbnails so user can read more articles when he/she reach on the bottom area.

Blog Post Full view - Related posts and Comments

Online Shop : Dulcis WordPress theme is a genesis child theme for content marketers and authors. Still you can start eCommerce shop by installing “WooCommerce” plugin. Once this plugin is activated on server then you will see options to manage shop page, listings and custom widgets also. The shop page can help you sell digital items, physical goods, services or anything.

Customizer : Many novice people think of customization panel before buying any blog template. I must tell you that Zigzagpress uses live customizer to show all theme options. So blog owners should be able to setup website easily with visual options panel. It can help you change layout style, header, logo, navigation, homepage, blog style and much more.

You never have to worry about coding skill when you have to change font style, color skins, or anything within site. Thanks go genesis framework for offering custom options, widgets and flexibility. I recommend this WP child blogging theme to every modern blogger.

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