EventIgniter Plugin : CSSIgniter Best Event Management Plugin

Meet EventIgniter : An Event management WordPress Plugin by CSSIgniter. If you want to turn a simple WordPress website into event management portal then here is final solution. You don’t have to buy a new event theme, just use this even manager plugin which consist of comprehensive features. After installing this plugin, you will find event listing and many customization options.

EventIgniter Plugin – CSSIgniter event management plugin for WordPress

We always recommend CSSIgniter WordPress themes store to find best event management plugin. This developer provides easy customizer panel with several styling options. So you don’t have to spend precious time on coding work.

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EventIgniter Plugin : Top Event Features

Adding Venue : Before you start listing process, you will have to add a the list of places where you are going to host events. Once you enable this plugin then you will automatically find options for Venue and Events listings. The venue listing editor will show you options to add Title, Address, Post code, and parent location. Once you are done with this process then you can start assigning venues to the listings.

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Adding Venue for Events - Event Igniter

Creating Event : When you are finished setting your Venues, it’s time to create your first Event. Head over to After adding Venues, you can start creating new event using EventsAdd. This is single event listing panel which shows ready fields. So you just have to fill those fields under Event options panel.

The events panel includes many fields like Start date, Start time / End time, Tile table, Venue (select from the existing list), Price etc. Apart from that, EventIgniter Plugin also provides additional fields to add button link with custom text. This way, you can add not only provide events schedule but also display ticket price, custom link, Event category, and more.

Event Management - EventIgniter Plugin

Once you save event listing then yo will find new Event dates block showing list of dates (back-end). This section allows you to mark Event status as Cancelled or Sold out for selected dates, which is helpful when you have recurring event.

Other Event Features : CSSIgniter Event Plugin

Recurring Events : It’s really easy to assign recurring events from the existing list, hence it save your time taken for manual re-listing. It takes few moments to add recurring events with EventIgniter Plugin. The plugin provides options to mark event as recurring from listing window. Then you can choose frequency (Daily, Monthly, Weekend, Yearly, Weekdays) from ready-list.

Once yo do that, the plugin will automatically apply those changes and keep re-listing events as specified in recurring settings panel. Date exclusion and status management ((sold out, cancellations) support is also available which are best out of box features.

Recurring Events - CSSIgniter event plugin

Shortcodes and Widgets : Once you have listed all events then it’s time to display them on website. This where you will get shortcodes support which is powered by EventIgniter plugin. Alternatively, you can also use standard text widget to promote them on widget supported areas. There are different types of shortcodes which helps you to show events by ID, Categories, or you can Order events by Sort, Exclude and and other terms.

Event Shortcode Widget - EventIgniter Plugin CSSIgniter

Customizer : Customizing process takes place under WordPress customizer which provides set of options to manage typography, calendar, and event section. The panel allows you to elect custom color for links, background, and other sections that you find on the events showcase board. This event management WordPress plugin has number of settings which makes it a flexible solution for event websites.

Customization Settings - EventIgniter

Final Words : CSSIgniter Event Plugin

It just helps you to fine-tune your site by selecting what and where to display. The built-in event options, widgets, custom shortcodes and styling options makes it best choice, even for novice users. You can try it with any WordPress theme that is powered by CSSIgniter or other developers. We recommend viewing live demo which shows how nicely you can showcase events with custom background and listing style.

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