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MyShare is a content focused yet stylish WordPress blogging theme from HappyThemes. The theme always puts contents in main focus so that readers would always find interesting stuff to read. If you are a blogger, marketing professional or a creative writer then here is the final product. The mobile friendly WordPress theme will give you lots of traffic and SEO optimized layout will maintain good ranking with different search engines.

MyShare WordPress Blogging Theme - HappyThemes

If you are looking to create a blog platform to share travel stories, fashion news or affiliate reviews then here is best blog template.

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MyShare HappyThemes : Sidebar and Homepage Layout

Frontpage Layout : The blog style homepage layout will show all the new articles in featured style. That means, visitors are able to check out couple of latest posts on homepage and they can use pagination to browse more contents. The homepage shows featured posts with large thumbnails and bold post titles. Hence, frontpage visitors are easily attracted to browse their favorite topics.

Sidebar Both Sides : Left and Right both sides are equipped with widgetized areas. You can drag and drop widgets to those sections to promote blog categories, featured posts, banners, Most viewed posts, tags list etc. The middle part is used for contents and both side (left/right) are used for widget sections. Thanks to MyShare theme developers for using all the free space smartly to promote contents.

Frontpage Sidebar Layouts - MyShare Theme

Footer Widgets : The bottom space is used by footer section which is another best spot to use custom widgets. You can use footer to display featured posts, social links, contacts, banners and other stuff just like sidebar. HappyThemes offers their own widgets collection to display featured articles and other stuff for on-site navigation.

These widget areas can prove helpful to connect visitors to category archive pages, promote advertisement banners and custom menu links. All you have to do is just pick best widgets and place them in right order.

Footer Widgets - MyShare Happy Themes

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Blog WordPress Theme Features : HappyThemes

Responsive : This feature deliver various benefits from browsing experience to SEO ranking. When you create a responsive blog then you automatically start getting lots of organic visitors, improved SERP and decent earning from advertisement. The mobile friendly responsive design improves browsing speed while showing everything in same way just like desktop PC.

You can clearly see blog posts, slideshow, menu bar and everything within tablet or smart phone screens.

Header Floating Style : This section comprises of a logo space and two navigation bars. You can see header logo and search form on the top left side and secondary menu on the right side. The primary menu bar appears on the very bottom area having custom background style. The header top section is given in floating mode so it becomes good place to promote best blog categories. Just scroll down on the website and you see header top area following you all the way.

Header Navigation - MyShare Responsive Blog Theme

Tightly Monetized : Blog or any content promotion websites should be optimized with adsense and all sort of advertisement programs. This is what MyShare WordPress theme provides you to create better earning possibilities by sharing articles. There are many ad placement areas where you can promote banners, adsense ads and other affiliate products.

Bloggers mostly used adsense or their niche related affiliate programs to make earning out of their hard-work. The ad management page will draw you straight to the listing process where you can provide Ad code and select right spot for banner. You can show banner into articles and other sections. Widget areas can also work as promotional area as they can display small banners on footer and sidebar.

What’s Best About MyShare WordPress Theme :

We just loved everything that we shared in this review still now, but there are some more features that impacts overall blog platform. We will now discuss how you can create engaging blog articles to get maximum readers. The theme gives you flexibility for customization and that’s why all bloggers love to use WordPress themes developed by HappyThemes.

Blog Posts : If you check featured post entries or full blog post screen then you will find Like button, Comments link and social sharing buttons everywhere. The sharing links will show social media icons so readers can share interesting articles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites.

The single post bottom area shows featured articles which is known as “Related Posts” area. This optional content section is visible everywhere below blog articles, so you can enable it and get visitors to browse many posts from bottom of the articles. This feature will involve readers to browse more contents while reducing bounce rate.

Sharing Buttons - MyShare Single Post

Post Options : We have tested MyShare theme for customization part and that’s what makes it best solution for novice authors. You don’t need to coding in order to create blog or maintain a marketing portal. The options page controls color skin, typography, page layouts, single post, banners and more. The footer and sidebar widget areas can also be managed from visual options panel.

This is top popular WordPress blogging theme for every one who needs a clean and highly readable blog.

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