Maxilla DesignOrbital : WordPress Magazine Theme

If you need an online magazine website or relevant news sharing site then look no more. Welcome Maxilla which is a WordPress news and magazine theme by DesignOrbital. This theme gives you beautiful and modern design which can easily bring content into top focus. The clan content presentation and responsive layout makes it even more powerful. If you read any article from demo or browse homepage then it will show you everything in clear manner.

Maxilla DesignOrbital - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Thanks to elegant design and professional styling options which sets it apart from other average magazine templates. If you want your visitors to be able to browse news stories from all devices and modern browsers then it should be your first choice.

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Why Should You Prefer Maxilla For News and Magazine Sites

Because it was crafted for journal type websites in mind, so it is going to provide you each feature that is required for those type of web platforms. When you start a magazine or news site then you have to display latest posts from various categories. And this theme gives you options to display latest posts from selected category sections. Not only that, it can also give you blog type homepage to show-off latest posts for entire site.

Maxilla Ajax Pagination - Featured Posts on Homepage

The advanced widget integration and Jetpack support makes it better solution for novice. Maxilla WordPress theme has been coded for non coders. Therefore, you are going to find ready widgets and options. It will just ask you to choose right homepage style, featured sections, widgets and layout style. The WordPress customizer will give all options with preview box.

So administrators are going to find best way to choose custom logo, menu bar, homepage layout and more. Thanks to DesignOrbital for offering a user friendly options galore which keeps editors away from coding needs. Let’s have a look at most important features.

Maxilla DesignOrbital : Features Review

Header Design : Most of the authority magazine platforms provide best navigation system and appealing header. You are going to get same header layout in this magazine WP theme. The header customizer gives you option to pick background style, logo (image/text) and more. In addition you will see best content alignment style where logo is placed in middle. If we talk on navigation system then it shows social links on the left of logo and menu links on bottom.


Maxilla Header Logo Menu

The custom navigation menus system enables you to add all best page links on primary navigation bar that is located below header. To further optimize navigation menu it provides floating mode support to make it visible on scrolling. This way, user can always navigate homepage or any link using dedicated navigation panel. You will see menu bar turns into button menu while browsing from small screen devices.

Sticky Sidebar : This is default feature for most of the DesignOrbital templates. Maxilla WordPress theme also has a dedicated floating sidebar that shows your widgets even with longest pages and articles. When you add a few widgets on sidebar then user can see them while on the top of the article. But when they start scrolling down then sidebar widgets become invisible especially with very large size articles.

But having sticky sidebar, you will always see that sidebar stops scrolling when it reach over last widget. Hence, you can generate more page views for all feature posts displayed on sidebar.

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Many Other Benefits : Maxilla DesignOrbital

Widget Areas : There are total 4 widget areas : 1 on sidebar and 3 on footer. The sidebar has left and right alignment options. You can pick different widgets to display Ad banners, Recent posts, and more on these areas. Same way, footer is also free to accept any widget which is ideal place to promote social links, contacts or anything you like.

The widgets page wills how you plenty of choices, but among them some of the best are : Post List widget, Post carousel widget etc.

Featured Content : Maxilla theme provides a very eye catchy section on the homepage area. This section is integrated using Jetpack so you need top install and activate this plugin. The customizer will show you “Featured Content” section to configure this section. It will show you option to choose any page and posts from your site. It has capacity to display upto 12 posts or pages. So you can specify what tags/categories for posts or choose pages manually from the list.

Maxilla Featured Post Carousel - Jetpack

The featured carousel shows 4 posts at a time using thumbnails in horizontal queue. User will find navigation buttons on the bottom, and you can set it to scroll in automatic mode also.

Bottom Home Sections : Apart from featured slider section, rest of the homepage area shows latest posts in list mode. It uses featured images and excerpt as you specify from options page. User will see couple of latest post entries on homepage followed by “Older Posts” button on the bottom of the page. This Ajax pagination loads more articles from previous page and it won’t refresh entire page. So user can browse more articles with quick speed.

Below Post Area - Maxilla Demo

Final Thought :

Most of the premium magazine themes are optimized for content showcase only. But Maxilla WordPress theme also gives you good page loading speed and SEO ready platform. So your website should be able to out rank all competitors when it comes to provide best browsing experience. If you try opening single article then you will see In Post navigation box below articles. Hence, user can see link buttons to read next and previous articles.

You can also choose to display Related posts and threaded comments below all posts. When you ad social sharing buttons on header and footer area then you are likely to get more social followers. In my opinion, this is best WordPress theme for magazine, blog and news type websites.

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