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Introducing Minimalis : Best genesis child themes for bloggers by Zigzagpress. This theme gives you a true experience of minimalism which can leave you in speechless state. Before you read full review I highly recommend referring to demo to figure-out how it is different than general blog templates. Most of the WordPress theme shops release blog template as minimal tag. But they just give you a little glimpse of minimal design.

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Minimalis Zigzagpress - Minimal Genesis Child Blogging theme

What We Think About Minimalis WordPress Child Theme ?

This is the first and only genesis child blgoggin theme in the market which uses minimalism and style together. While providing clean and clear design it just doesn’t make your website look boring to the readers. Instead, it uses visual media elements like parallax scroll, featured images and other stuff to attract visitor’s attention.

This Zigzagpress genesis template has been developed for those “Pro” bloggers who need only content focused layout. Minimalis theme provides a very clean and SEO optimized structure that works at great speed. Hence, visitors can enjoy flexibility in reading, and content browsing. It uses large featured thumbnails and grid style blog layout to attract reader’s attention.

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Footer Widgets - Minimalis

The default homepage shows blog post entries with video type featured image and static featured image. So we can assume that it is fine-tuned to impress readers with advanced styling elements. The homepage shows 2 columns layout to highlight various latest posts from blog page. Along with grid contents, you can also add subscribe widget in seamless style.

We just love this genesis child theme for it’s flexible design and layout options. It should work for blog platforms wanting to share news on entertainment, travel photos, product reviews, cooking recipes and other creative topics. If you want to use images to engage with readers in effective way then here is right solution.

Minimalis Genesis Theme : Features

Featured Post : The blog, home and archive pages will display featured posts in unique style. You just won’t find excerpt and small thumbnails like traditional blogs. Instead, it shows big thumbnail as background while showing Post title and Tag-message as overlay. If you happen to add featured pages or eCommerce entries then you can also display “Read more” or “Buy now” buttons as overlay.

Hence, marketers and creative WordPress bloggers can use these visually optimized features to get more page-views. The theme just want you to take full advantage of media elements which has been used in articles. And that’s why Zigzagpress has developed such a theme that it automatically put media and content in main focus.

Home Featured Posts Preview - Minimalis Theme

Parallax Header : Browsing single with Minimalis genesis theme can be a great experience for any type of reader. Because it puts a large full-width header for each post which shows parallax background. Just above that, it shows main and sub-heading for your posts. We really appreciate developers for providing a very large full-screen header for each post. Hence, bloggers can smartly use media elements as parallax background.

The theme just wants your readers to experience your feelings through videos, graphics and texts. And that’s why it shows media elements as attraction point on homepage, single posts and everywhere on the site. The Built on the Genesis framework adds everything that is required to manage website smoothly. So you get all layout options, logo uploader, and many other settings within options panel.

Parallax Header Background - Minimalis Child Theme for Genesis

Zigzagpress Blog Theme : More Details

Header and Menu Options : Minimalis header uses transparent background style so it will never look different than heading background. It you check demo then it shows logo in middle and search option on right side. Clicking the search box will load a full-screen overlay with a box where you can enter search word. Hence, visitors can easily start searching contents on your blog platform.

Custom Header - Minimalis Zigzagpress

The top left of header shows hamburger style toggle button to access menu links. By default, menu is not put in visible mode as it is accessible manually with toggle button. The reason for putting menu behind the scene is to keep your header as clean as possible. The menu button loads all links using off-screen sidebar which shows all links from primary menu.

Sidebar Menu - Minimalis Genesis Theme

Single Post Options : The posts are designated to display text, videos, images, buttons and whatever is integrated by authors. But there is one common part right below every blog post, which is know as below post section. This is where you can suggest readers to involve in different tasks. The first bottom part shows Author introduction box which is good place to display photo, details, links and other stuff about author.

The next is comments feature which may ask user to express their views or questions by putting comments. And the last but very important block is “Related Posts”. This section highlights 3 featured posts to show more suggestions to your readers. This is good way to encourage readers to browse more posts from their favourite categories.

Minimalis  - Below Post Features

Concluson Words :

Minimalis is a top popular premium WordPress blog theme which covers most of the blogging needs. The theme shows only full-width layout but you can still important widgets on footer area. The footer panel should prove fine to display categories, page links, banner, newsletter and other stuff. If you browse other pages like services, and about then it will show you many interactive elements.

Let me tell you that Zigzagpress provides custom shortcodes so you can add columns, buttons, services and many other stuff on pages. It just needs no coding work or plugins to create business or marketing pages. Just grab the premium blog template to create a memorable blogging experience within budget. Whether you are a chic blogger, techno blogger or travel enthusiastic, it adds power to all blog niches.

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