ThemeFuse Molino : Bakery WordPress Theme for Food Recipes Websites

Molino is a Bakery WordPress theme which comes Free with “The Core” by ThemeFuse. If you buy Core WP theme package then you get this cafe theme and many other templates. Any one who needs a Food, Cafe and restaurant website can use it to expand the business. When you are running bakery business or food cafe then it becomes necessary to display all product range and food men in nice way. And that’s why it offers design and custom styling options.

Molino ThemeFuse  The Core Bakery Restaurant Theme

When you use the demo sample file then you will not need to create entire site manually. Just change the texts and images with your own business and that’s it. We love the way it shows all great menu items, and business details homepage with featured style.

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Molino WordPress Theme : Features

Multi-Purpose Theme : As I just mentioned that it is made for food business niche. So you can use it’s versatile layout to create food blog, bakery, coffee shop or any other food related websites. Being a part of The Core makes it a best multi-purpose WordPress theme in the market. If we talk about design and layout then you will be getting page builder support to edit existing sections from demo. Or yo can also make a totally new page layouts using drag and drop page builder elements.

Powerful Imagery : If you just check out homepage then it shows images as featured image and custom background. You should know that food and bakery business is all about taste, smell and feeling. And when you use nice product related images on website then you can automatically stimulate appetite into visitors mind.

Molino home sections can use custom background style which can be image related to food items or anything. Apart from that, you can also assign custom header backgrounds for Menu and Recipe pages. So, one thing is sure that visitors are going to see mouth watering images and nice typography throughout all sections.

Molino Responsive Bakery Recipe Theme

Responsive : The responsive platform makes this food recipe WordPress theme work on all sort of devices. Be it smart phone, tablet or any handy touch screen device, it just responds nicely with all platforms. The menu bar turns into button menu on small screen and home sections automatically shrinks to fit on view port. This is how people can browse your location map, food menu, recipes and all stuff from any internet devices.

This feature can gear-up page-views as well as SEO rank which is important for the success of any website.

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Page Templates : ThemeFuse Molino

We will now take close look at all important page templates that is mostly used by food niche websites. Without these custom page templates, it’s really hard to create menu and recipes listings. But you are getting them all in this ThemeFuse template so forget all hard-work.

Food Menu Page : Most of the coffee shops and restaurants need a menu template to display food items. Therefore, Molino brings a nicely crafted menu listing page with user friendly options. If you check demo then you will see that menu page shows multiple sections with different food items. So you can share multiple food menus on single page : e.g. desserts, cold drink, and dishes etc.

Another best thing is navigation bar that is found on the top of the menu page. Just connect all menu categories on the top navigation bar so user can click and scroll to desired food menu section. The way it shows every item looks great with featured images, bold title, ingredient and price details. You cal also add custom title for all menu sections along with relevant icons provided especially for restaurant and food niche.

Food Menu Template - Molino Restaurant Theme

Recipes Filter Page : The recipes archive page is another best template useful for food recipes writers and bloggers. The recipe listing becomes more powerful when you add timings, ingredients, and cooking step in proper way. ThemeFuse gives you easy recipe listings options so you can describe cooking steps with videos, images and contents in step by step mode.

If you visit recipes archive page then you will see filter options with nice thumbnails grid. So you can see All recipes together or filter out your favourite one. This is portfolio gallery type page where you can show all listings post in featured style. Thanks to The Core WP them developers for creating all rounder food blogging theme with these many features.

Recipe Page - Molino

The Core Molino : Restaurant Food Recipe Theme

Other Pages : We had enough talk on recipes and menus listing pages. Now it’s time to check other page template which is “Blog”. The blog page is default part for all ThemeFuse templates as it helps you to spread news. There are many options for blog listings pages where you can display thumbnails on different sides. Also, you can choose to display all new posts with thumbnails and custom excerpt length.

If you check the right side then it shows list of custom widgets. The sidebar and footer both are good spots to highlight newly released posts, categories, tags, archives and other links. You can also display custom menus and other links on footer area. Just like blog and other templates, you can use Events page to display restaurant events for future dates.

Page Template Layouts - Molino The Core

More Information : The options page gives you all control for page layouts. So you will be deciding on what to display on header and sidebar for pages. Most of the elements are optional so you can decide to enable or disable sidebar, header background and other elements. Now you must be thinking about customization controls and skills requirements.

Well, Molino WP theme demands no coding skill or other special requirements. You will be controlling header style, navigation menus, backgrounds, page layouts, and everything from ThemeFuse options page. If we talk about homepage section design and other custom page creation then you will get Page builder. This one page builder helps you to insert many or few sections with desired contents.

Blog Page - Molino

This is best responsive WordPress restaurant theme which can be good solution for food sites, cafes, recipes all sorts of related sites.

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