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Mozzy is a best portfolio/business WordPress theme perfect for agencies and service providers. CSSIgniter developed this theme to offer one platform to designer studio, freelancers, agencies and business consultants. The simple theme design provides you two main entities which includes Portfolio and Service sections. Besides that, you will find many other options to create a fully functional online business marketing portal.

Mozzy CSSIgniter - Business Portfolio WordPress Theme

Besides these features, you will have customization options, widgets and many shortcodes. So you will always be at peace while creating fresh site or adding contents. Thanks to simple options which provides easy way to add contents and customization everything from color to layouts.

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Frontpage Options : CSSIgniter Portfolio Theme

You can setup homepage manually by following documentation guide or use demo files for quick setup. The homepage contents are managed from options panel and other controls that are found on back-end. Let’s check each homepage element from close look so that you can know, how easy it is to start a business portal.

Slideshow : Mozzy WordPress theme provides a slideshow that works on the top area of homepage. So you will have to enable it from options panel and add contents from listing page. You will find one more slider for portfolio posts which shows multiple images. You can change the behavior of both of these sliders from Display options.

All slides are rotated automatically at time interval that is defined from slider settings page. You will get navigation arrows for manual transition and view big featured images for each slide.

Homepage Slideshow - Mozzy

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3 Content Types : The homepage area is populated with 3 unique content sections : Portfolio, Clients and Services. These sections are populated with contents from listing options that is found on the back-end. You will never need extra plugins to manage clients list, business service or portfolio items. The homepage options panel allows you to manage all home sections with enable/disable options.

So you have to go on listing page to add all create client’s list and services. And theme will automatically show all contents in designated areas with full-page links and featured images.

Homepage Sections - Clients and Services

Portfolio and Blog Options : Mozzy

Portfolio Management : First of all, you need to create a listing page that will show all portfolio entries. The page attributes list includes custom page template for portfolio. The editor will have layout and other listing page options to define how it will show all project entries. Once you are done with page creation then you can start adding “Skills” to manage portfolio items, just like categories.

Mozzy Portfolio Listing Page with Filter Option

The portfolio page will show option to fill out details about project and you can also set custom slider to display multiple images which is optional. The portfolio box provides you “Add Field” button which can add custom input box to show project name, starting date, site name and other details. You can make related project entries available below all project posts to let user check more items.

Single Project - Mozzy

You can add multiple fields as per project need and move or delete those fields easily. The listing page will have all entries visible in “isotope filtering system”. So you can click any category fro filter navigation bar and sort out items with amazing filter animated style.

Blog Options : Mozzy blog feature includes a listing page that shows post entries in excerpt mode and one sidebar. You will have all your blog posts visible on one page in list view style with featured images, attractive title, and “Read More” button. The blog editor has 6 post formats so modern bloggers will see easy way to share videos, gallery, quotes, links, audio and other contents.

You will see an icon with all blog articles which shows type of post format used to create article. Agencies and business entrepreneurs can take full benefit of custom post formats to share product tutorials, portfolio galleries and details.

Blog Post Formats - Mozzy CSSIgniter

Header/Footer Widget and Menu Options

Custom Menus : Navigation is very helpful point for any website as it can show links for desired pages and categories. You are getting 2 menus in this theme which are Primary (Header) and Footer navigation menu. So you have to create two menus and assign them both to desired locations. If you put all top level pages in menu bar then user will have good browsing experience.

You must connect Blog, Portfolio, Contact, Services, Home and other top pages to navigation system as shown in demo.

Widget Areas : Mozzy WordPress theme provides custom widgets to share social links, recent posts, twitter updates and banners. The sidebar and footer are given as main widget sections so you can share all custom contents around pags and posts. You will have custom sidebar options available for Blog, Portfolio, Contact page and Footer area.

The footer comes with 2 rows and you can place two widgets on each row. This way, you will have freedom to promote desired widgets on selected pages.

Responsive Portfolio Theme - Mozzy

Other Theme options : This CSSIgniter business WordPress theme provides many site options that controls how you show pages, texts, header, background and widget areas. The “Hero Text” is available for frontpage and blog section so you can add custom titles. It also helps you to control Hero font size, website color scheme, typography and more.

You will have page-editor options which let’s you choose custom colors style for pages and posts. The responsive design works in better way for all devices including modern smart phones, iPad and all devices. We love this theme for better coding and SEO friendly design which keeps performance on main focus. The modern concept assures better browsing speed and good user experience.

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