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Oblique Pro is a masonry WordPress blogging theme from ThemeIsle. It is best solution for all types of blogger who wants to post food recipes, health tips, or tutorials. This blogging theme looks gorgeous with elegant design which easily catch visitor’s attention. If you are a professional blogger and searching for an SEO friendly WordPress theme then here is the final solution.

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Oblique Pro ThemeIsle Review - Masonry WordPress Blogging Theme

I would suggest this theme to novice bloggers too, who just don’t know any technical stuff. If you are familiar with computer and WordPress CMS then it’s enough. The theme is loaded with lots of styling and layout options so you can setup a unique blog without extra plugins.

Why Oblique Pro WordPress Theme ?

When we suggest this theme to our client’s they always ask us, Why they should go for this theme ?. We just give them short-answer saying that “this is all in one blog package”. Hence it gives you several customization options to change homepage layout, navigation style, header, fonts, background and everything. It has built-in page templates, advanced navigation bar and many other options.

Oblique Pro Featured Posts - Homepage Demo

This way, your blog platform will look more interesting to your visitor as they can easily read contents. The theme uses large featured images to display latest posts on homepage. The front-page has 2 columns featured section so visitors can see various entries. Each entry highlights featured image, heading, excerpt and attractive ‘Read More” button (with colorful background).

If these many advanced blog features are offered in one WordPress theme then why should you miss it ?

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Main Features : ThemeIsle Oblique Pro

Live Customizer Forget old ways of editing website when administrator had to use 3rd party plugins and manual coding process. Now, you can select right color skins, font style, homepage layout, and other stuff on your own. Just load customizer from back-end area and you will see a big list of customization options.

Live Customizer - ThemeIsle

As a result, you can see live preview of changes made from customizer and save them when they look perfect. Whether you change color style, background style or anything, you can do it all easily and watch changes instantly.

Responsive Design Let your visitors read your stories from small, large and all types of devices. Your website should be capable to work on all view ports so that readers would never bounce back when they use smart phones or tablet devices. Oblique Pro theme is best solution for modern age readers who prefer to use mobiles and handy instruments to access internet.

Responsive Preview - ThemeIsle

The dynamic responsive layout provides same browsing experience and fasted speed. Not only that, you can easily watch images, videos and read text without distraction.

Custom Header : You must not have seen a funky and attractive header as shown in this blog template. ThemeIsle has offered unique header block so you can edit background image and apply parallax effect. Hence, you will see a moving image on header area while scrolling. Apart from that, it will show you your logo text or image on the middle of the header area so visitors can always recognize your brand easily.

Oblique Pro - Header

The top header section provides widget space to display search box and social media links. These features will connect visitors with your social pages ans also let them search stories using search feature.

Sliding Menu : The Oblique Pro WordPress theme brings a unique and mobile friendly menu which is accessible with button. If you look on left top corner of the screen then you will find a square app-type button. The menu links are hidden in default mode, hence you can only access “sliding sidebar navigation” when you click on button.

Sidebar Navigation - Oblique Pro

The sliding menu provides a close button so you can hide it again when you finish using navigation links. This is latest navigation bar concept which stays invisible and only loads manually.

Below Post Features : Every single post in this theme is supported by full-width layout (no sidebar). So you can share your recipes with large featured images. You can also use 3rd party plugins to share recipes in professional style. If you just go down on the bottom of the article then you will see tags list applied to current post.

Post Featuresr - Oblique Pro recipe blog theme

The theme highlights links for Next and Previous articles so that visitors can browse other blog posts easily. Threaded comments and clean design are bonus features that will surely improve readability and page-views.

Oblique Pro is made for content writers and authors who wants to use their content as primary focus. The theme provides large space and good spacing so that visitors would enjoy reading your posts.

Features List :

  • Video Tutorials : Learn setup
  • Multiple domains support
  • Visually appealing design
  • Social media links : Icons
  • Modern-sliding menu-bar
  • Unique shape – Featured images, “Read More” link
  • Page builder : SiteOrigin support
  • Customizer – Theme options
  • And many more

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