StudioPress Outfitter Pro : Best eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce

Outfitter Pro is a genesis eCommerce WordPress theme for 2017 by StudioPress. This storefront child theme is a best shop theme made with modern online shops in mind. So people wanting to start multi-purpose website are best target of it. Be it ebooks, cloths, tech gadgets or fashion items, you will b selling everything with single platform. The theme is powered by WooCommerce pre-styling features, which great part of it.

Outfitter Pro Preview - eCommerce Genesis Theme by StudioPress

So you will never have to take programmers help to create stylish web store and product listing sections. The thoughtful coding work provides advanced features support for shopping cart, product listing page, and every section. So you will not only have a web shop but a unique eCommerce platform that looks different and more stylish.

Boss Pro Review : StudioPress

Why Outfitter Pro Genesis WordPress Theme ?

Best Homepage Design : Professional online stores would always prefer to create content ready and clear homepage. But, StudioPress always keeps you on step ahead by providing an truly unique and flexible homepage design. You will be free to show introduction, product grid, blog posts and other elements on homepage. The frontpage demo shows masonry-style product display section that looks awesome.

You will be getting custom WooCommerce widgets support and other options to craft homepage as you have dreamed. So you can have stylish masonry grid sections like homepage for different product categories. So visitors will be getting quick overview for all new or hand picked products when they arrive on homepage. Besides that, you can also add custom calls to action, blog posts, shop intro and other stuff.

Home Sections - Masonry Grid and Blog Posts

Always remember one thing, homepage is a gateway for entire site. So anything that you display into content, and navigation area can have good impact on page-views. If you follow what is shown in demo or other professional stores homepage concept then it can drive many sales.

Shop Page : Outfitter Pro WordPress theme takes your user through lots of items with nice grid style shop page. The product page shows many items into grid sections with thumbnails, product price, title etc. So it would help user find a suitable product easily and drag user to check full page. The “Sort Options List” makes user to view only those items that fits into preference. The sort list provides way to see items based on lowest price, highest price, newness etc.

Shop Page Options - Outfitter Pro WooCommerce Theme

Unique Features : StudioPress eCommerce Theme

Cart Button In Header :
Just move your eyes on the top right header area which shows many elements, and one of them is “Cart Button”. Outfitter Pro is the first genesis WordPress theme which features this button. You might see this button with other eCommerce templates also, but the unique part begins when you click on it. As user clicks cart button, It will show entire cart page on separate window. So user will see cart items without navigating from current page to cart area.

The cart section will appear on screen just like ajax light box, which shows items on new window nicely, without page-refresh or navigation. This feature will lead your user to check-out page, which is always a main goal for any online shop.

The cart icon on header will always show product count, so user can easily get idea on how many items has been added to cart section. Then user can open cart page and view all items, remove items, watch total and move to final check-out page from same window.

Cart Button - Outfitter Pro

Navigation Button : The header shows 3 dots which connects visitors to navigation system. This menu section will show primary menu links so it will be your main navigation. It is a full-screen overlay menu which shows all links in the middle of the page, covering entire screen. So, shoppers will see all links in vertical listing style and access pages like Home, Shop, Blog, Contact or whatever is there.

Other Header Elements : Apart from cart button and menu, you will find option to display Shop link, search box (icon), and store logo (right). This type of advanced menu works on tablet, mobiles and all devices in same style. This genesis child theme design is responsive for any screen size you can think of. So just try the demo on tablet or your smart phone, and see how it responds to all sizes. The product page, grid, home sections and all stuff looks fine on small screens.

Header Menu and Search form - Outfitter Pro

What Else Is Good In Genesis Outfitter Theme ?

Single Product Page : The features of single product listing page includes image box, details tab and related posts section. If we talk in detail, then you will be getting image section which shows multiple photos for single item. You can also use two images at the time of product listing, so user can view other side of product by hovering mouse on listing page.

The right of image shows “Add to cart” button, Product title and price using bold and stylish fonts. The bottom section shows two tabs including description and reviews given by product buyers. The last section is “Related Products” area where user can see similar items which could same product type from similar brand.

WooCommerce Listing - Outfitter Pro eCommerce Theme

Blog Post Page : This is page section which shows all news, updates and other post entries. The good part about Outfitter Pro blog is the featured image presentation. The blog listing page shows each post entry with big featured image that uses most of the width space. Right below featured images, you will see a nice title, meta tags and excerpt showing “Read more” link. The featured entries show author detail, dates, tags, categories on left and post snippet on right.

If you open any blog post in full size then you will still see a big featured image on the top of the article. This kind of blog section layout can be helpful especially offer or festival promotional posts. With imagery in main focus, this eCommerce theme can surely attract more people to shop buy products.

Blog Listing Preview - Outfitter Pro

It is powered by Genesis framework, and WooCommerce plugin, so you need these two elements to make it work for your shop. The setup process need little time and you will have 4 widget areas to build online store. Genesis provides custom widgets, theme options and visual customizer support. So administrator will require little time to star a shop and listing products.

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