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Pixeldom is a most famous adsense blogging theme for WordPress. It is produced and released by ThemeBounce which is best website to buy blog WordPress themes. The theme serves contents with simple look so that all focus is concentrated only onto contents. However, you can still add styling by selecting custom colors for header elements, fonts and widget sections.

Pixeldom Aesense Blog Theme - ThemeBounce

Pixeldom WordPress Theme Design and Layouts :

Homepage Area : The homepage demo clears shows a wide content oriented layout supported by sidebar. Most of the blog templates leaves lots of free space on left and right side. But, ThemeBounce has used this as opportunity by using that free space for content area. That’s why, you will have wide content focused layout that shows featured post entries with excerpt and thumbnails.

Adsense Support : Pixeldom homepage uses “leaderboard ads” block to display Adsense banner to get good CTR. The pre-defined ad sections are likely to earn good revenue by displaying adsense into selected sections. You can use widget management page to control built-in ad blocks to display banners in different size. The sidebar can display 300×250 banner in widget area, which is ideal for any advertisement program.

Homepage Layout and Adsense Banners - Pixeldom Theme

The homepage ad blocks easily blends with content sections so user never feel disturbed while browsing featured posts from latest posts area.

Sidebar : Thanks to the built-in widgets that helps bloggers to promote Recent posts, Recent comments, Banners and Blog categories. You can place custom widgets into right order to get visitors to browse more blog posts, categories and other elements. The homepage bottom shows a standard numbered pagination and footer shows “Back To Top” link.

ThemeBounce Main Blog Features :

Single Post Options : Blog articles look attractive when you use nice images and media items. But, you can also choose to insert other elements to create engaging post layout. The blog post settings panel helps you to display related post entries list that shows titles and thumbnails. The next/previous post entries are highlighted if you enable Post Navigation.

Blog posts would look even more engaging if you add social sharing buttons, author box and taxonomies list.

Blog Post Options - Pixeldom ThemeBounce

Social Media Settings : This feature asks blogger to insert user names for desired social sites. And then it will add social profile navigation bar on the top barn within header and footer area. You can manually disable social links for header and footer sections if you don’t need them on particular place. When you add sharing buttons and profile links then you are likely to get SEO benefits and social social media followers.

Responsive : Pixeldom is a responsive blogging theme with auto resizable layout. You can see preview on mobiles or any devices and check how it responds to your screen size. The blog post featured images, header navigation, blog posts and all sections are automatically managed on user’s screen. This is best blogging theme that covers fast loading and SEO powered layout, that’s why we suggest it to marketers and bloggers.

Responsive Blog Theme - Pixeldom Theme

Other Top Benefits : Pixeldom ThemeBounce

Header Settings : The header acquires wide space to display logo image with text slogan lines. You can further optimize header by enabling Top Bar section that shows social links and search box. The navigation menu also appears on the top of the page with wide space to display all blog categories. You can customize menu to display any links and also manage color style for header, and other elements.

Header Elements - Pixeldom

Customization Options : The WordPress customizer is used to insert all the theme options for easy setup. You can use customizer to load all the theme options for header, widget areas, single post, colors, fonts etc. Thanks to color selector tool that permits administrators to select best color styles for posts, sidebar, footer and top bar areas.

Lighting Fast Loading : Pixeldom WP theme loads much faster than any regular blogging themes. Developers have spent a lot of time to make this theme load faster with smart coding style. The design offers minimal graphics in background area so you never have to face slow page loading issues.

Theme Options - Pixeldom ThemeBounce

It is fine-tuned for best loading speed so that visitors can check out many posts in little time. Search engines also love fast websites and better navigation system.

This is best WordPress theme for any content marketers or bloggers looking to improve CTR and visitors rate.

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