Restored 316 Market Demo : Genesis Business WordPress Theme

Introducing Market : versatile Genesis feminine WordPress theme from Restored 316. If you are a chic blogger or business entrepreneurs then you must choose a perfect feminine template. And Restored 316 themes store has best genesis templates for you. This theme needs genesis framework from StudioPress and any genesis child theme. If you buy this theme for your next website then you can utilize it for many purpose. It helps you to start online product store, business portal and journal website also.

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Is It Worth Using Restored 316 Market Theme ?

Many WordPress themes comes with fixed homepage layout and certain limitations. But genesis templates are totally different as they provide great flexibility. This theme has best homepage which provides many widget sections so woman business professionals can display services, products and other stuff. The genesis themes come with custom featured widgets so you can highlight categories, featured posts and other stuff.

Market theme offers a large homepage with ample space to display introduction, featured posts, skills, products, newsletter sections and more. This genesis WordPress theme can save your money as it can work for multiple websites need. If you want to start business site then it has custom homepage, bloggers will find blog template.


For product sellers, it will require to setup Woocommerce plugin to start an online shop. As you install this plugin, it will help you to start shop page and make product listings. Hence, creative chic bloggers can sell several items like crafts, arts, photos, digital goods or anything.

Best Features Of Market Genesis WordPress Theme

Header Options : This type of header improves your website navigation with multiple menu options. The top and bottom header menu gives you lots of space to display all main links. Hence, you can easily add custom page template links for blog, contact, serviced, homepage and other areas. The primary menu (top) is made from fixed layout so user can see it while scrolling.


This type of menus are very popular as it offers Header includes some widget space so that business individuals place provide a search box and social links. The theme customizer let’s you access logo uploader and header options which is easy and straight forward.

Footer Options : This is also one of the main widget area that is located on the bottom area of the website. There is no specific rule for this section as it permits you to use all widgets. In my opinion, it is ideal place to display custom menu links, contacts, instagram images and more. Same way, sidebar is also available for blog page, shop page and other areas.


You can display different widgets on different pages so that visitors can see latest posts, latest products, and other stuff. Market genesis theme already has custom widgets powered by Restored 316 so can easily mange custom sidebar for all areas. We all know that widgets can boost page views and also engage with readers easily.

Other Helpful Features :

Custom Homepage : We all know that front-page is very important and highly visited area for any website. With this though in mind, developer has given many widget areas so user can pick best widgets to highlight featured categories, store products and other stuff. You will find many custom genesis widgets to display contacts, introduction, services, blog posts and other stuff on homepage. The widgets can be moved in any place with drag and drop functionality.


Hence, you can decide to change order or widgets and display featured blocks in right order. This flexibility gives you more power to display all main details on homepage. So visitors are easily trapped to browse more details on your website.

Responsive : Market WordPress theme is a modern genesis theme that is adaptive for any condition. Whether you load it from small mobile screens or large screens, it works for all. It automatically adjusts slider, images, header and all stuff according to the screen resolution. So user don’t have to scroll to much to read your contents.

The navigation bar turns into button style menu so you can see list of navigation links on small devices. Whether you are a male or female, this versatile theme is developed for types of business people. You will find all fonts, color skins, styling and other options within customizer.


More Features :

  • Custom categories with styling options
  • Category index support
  • Retina logo support
  • HTML5 markups
  • Shop page : Product grid and sort options
  • Filter options
  • Templates : Blog, Landing, Columns

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