Shopo – eCommerce WordPress Theme by Themify

Shopo is an e-commerce WordPress theme designed with big hops in mind. Themify has spent good time to introduce best concept in this theme. So it comes with a modern shop layout that looks awesome with many featured sections. Functionality wise, it gives you same features and benefits that is provided by MinShop and ShopDock. This theme has various promotional areas like multiple navigation bars, slider, featured sections etc.


With all these features, you can find many opportunities to boost your sales. From product listing to to cart management, it has flexible options for everything. So administrator doesn’t need to buy plugins for store management. Just setup WooCommerce plugin with this theme and you will have everything that is required to setup your own store.

Shopo Themify : Key Features

Adaptive Design : In order to boost your sales leads, you must develop responsive e-commerce shop. Then only you can have lots of buyers from search engines and other traffic sources. This theme supports everything that comes into small screen-device range. For e.g. Mobile, Tablet, iPad or whatever devices you might be using.


Hence, shoppers will be able to browse your categories, product pages, cart section and everything from small or dynamic screens. In-short, it offers better experience over desktop as well as mobile devices.

Shopping Cart On Top : If you just look over Shopo header bar then it has a shopping cart link on the right side. This cart icon shows total products which has been added to cart. Apart from that, you can also direct to cart page by clicking this link. Hence adding items into cart and check-out process becomes very easier.


If you check-out featured product entries then it shows Ajax “Add to cart button”. So as you click this button, your product will automatically get added to cart area. And it won’t refresh your page, nor it will navigate you to any other page. This is best feature which improves shopping experience and saves time taken for purchase and payments.

More Features :

Fixed Navigation : Shopo offers this feature with a goal to improve browsing experience. The header has dual navigation bar that includes 1) Primary and 2) Secondary menu-bar. The top navigation bar is always visible when you are scrolling. The search widget and cart icon are located on top bar, so user can always be in touch with important contents.


The middle section offers logo area and wide space to display custom banner. Th final bottom navigation bar is located near body area. So this is ideal place to display links for shop page, blog or main store categories.

Slider Support : Shopo WordPress theme offers multiple sliders which can be used for different purpose. The large panel slider is given on the to of the front page. This is best place to display your latest special products or promotional messages. The big slider space gives you space to display featured image, video along with details and links.

Another slider is known as “Product Slider”, which is visible right below main home slider. It is fully customizable and offers you ability to select featured items or custom product categories. The visual slider options helps you to set number of slides, animation speed, scroll mode etc. The product slider is very helpful element which can show multiple products with “Add to cart button” and basic details.


So visitors are instantly attracted towards your products. It could be very helpful to boost your page-views and sales rate.

Final Words :

Shopo is an e-commerce theme and it is integrated with WooCommerce. So this plugin is main back-bone to manage all store related requirements. Whether it is cart, check-out page, product listing or widgets, it offers support for all. So you can instantly launch your own shop to sell all types of goods. The theme also has welcome bloc for homepage area, so you can show a special message to homepage visitors.


Whether you need a small shop or big store with multiple categories, here is final solution for your online store.

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