Sidepane Demo Themify : WordPress Blogging Theme

Sidepane is simple looking WordPress blogging theme by Themify. It looks minimal and loads with good speed so that user can access lots of posts in small time. The unique part of this the me is fixed sidebar which enables you to display all header elements on one place. Normally logo and menus are displayed on the top of the page so user often need to scroll back to top to access menu links.

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Sidepane WordPress Blogging Theme - Themify Review

But this new design concept improves user experience by placing header elements on fixed sidebar (left side of the screen). As a result, navigation will become much more easier and user don’t have to scroll to top when they want to access header section. The fixed sidebar design is always visible on the left of the screen. Therefore, it always keep in touch with your readers and make them browse different pages quickly.

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What We Liked In Sidepane WordPress Theme ?

Couple features makes this theme a wonderful solution for all types of bloggers. The static header and clean design improves navigation and reading experience. Therefore, visitors will not waste time and use it to read more articles from your blog platform. The design looks simple but it can delivery best performance when it comes to browse lots of articles.

Sidepane - Fixed Header Sidebar

Sidepane theme has no extra images which can distract user attention or page loading speed. All you will see it article contents, navigation links and widgets. The frontpage highlights latest posts and older posts are pushed back on previous pages. Though, you can browse old articles using numbered pagination buttons.

The left side of the screen highlights fixed header, middle section shows contents (body area). Right side area can be free or you can enable sidebar to display custom widgets. The layout options allows you to enable/disable sidebar with just a single click. You can choose alignment of sidebar from options page and pick widgets from widget management page.

Sidepane Homepage Demo - Pagination

The theme includes custom page templates and widgets so you can easily create a journal platform to share blog posts or affiliate news.

Themify Sidepane : Key Features

Custom Panel and Customizer : The theme gives you access to custom options panel where you can access different page options, page builder options and more. You can define featured image / thumbnail size, post view style (list/grid) and layouts from options page. Apart from that, it also allows you to select full post or excerpt view style.

Default Layouts - Sidepane

For quick editing, Themify provides WordPress customizer support where you can make changes and watch live preview. The customizer includes options to edit navigation, header, footer, sidebar, layouts, posts and everything. When you load customizer, your screen will show you options list on left side and you can access sub-options by clicking main options button.

Customization Optiona Panel - side panel themify

It shouldn’t take more than few minutes to edit your blog or website. Even novice user can change color skins, fonts, logo, background and other stuff easily. The

Single Post : Sidepane has been developed with unique design so that user would prefer to keep browsing around your blog. The demo screen-shot shows that all blog posts text links for next and previous posts at the end of the article. Therefore, readers can easily jump onto other articles right from the current page. This feature can also prove useful to create internal back-link and also improve on-site navigation.

Sample Post - Sidepane Blogging theme

In addition, you will also find threaded comments support to encourage discussion on your website. The comments feature allows visitors to write their thought or views regarding current posts. Other users can also write comments and reply comments.

Main Features : Themify Blog Theme

  • Unique shortcodes list
  • Layouts : 2,3,4 columns
  • Photo gallery template
  • Latest posts and Comments widgets
  • Recent photos widgets
  • Sidebar widget areas : Dual-column
  • 3 color skins
  • Navigation dock : Right side
  • Option to add custom footer text
  • Select image size and alignment

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