Spencer CSSIgniter : Best Blogging / Business WordPress Theme

Meet Spencer : A WordPress theme made for business professionals and bloggers. It is released by CSSIgniter so you will be getting built-in options, custom widgets, page attributes and more. Beginners can also use this theme to create personal or any website without coding skill. Whether you need a simple blog or a business marketing site, it fits to every need.

Spencer CSSIgniter - WordPress theme for Business and Bloggers

If you go on the page editor screen then you will see the page templates attribute list. This is good way to add custom pages like homepage, contact, blog, about, and more. The main focus of the theme design is content and loading speed. Both of these features are good to increase page views and SEO rank.

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Spencer WordPress Theme Features :

Frontpage Setup : There is no hard design rule on what you can display on homepage area. That means, you can promote your main pages, latest blog posts, newsletter subscription box and other elements on homepage. That demo shows all these sections with custom widgets that is provided by CSSIgniter. So you will be having flexibility to decide on what should appear on homepage and in which order.

Many bloggers and business people prefer to display main page links for About, Products, Shop, Blog and other pages. Apart from that, you can have latest blog post entries or featured posts from selected post type as home sections. Spencer easily attracts visitor’s attention with featured layout that combines bold titles, featured images, and “Read more” link.

Elementors and Widgets Spencer

Page Builder Support : People who wants a totally different homepage are free to use “Elementor” plugin. This WordPress page builder has custom elements like heading, columns, divider, spacer, button, video, gallery and more. So there will be no issue when you need a professional looking homepage for business marketing. The CSSIgniter shortcodes are also available so you can fine-tine your pages with engaging contents.

When you select homepage template then you will see options to setup hero section, below page editor. So administrator can select a video or an image a the top hero section. Along with that, you can add two text tiles for introduction. If you use MaxSlider plugin as home slider then hero section will disappear from homepage.

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Responsive Blogging Theme - Spencer

Responsive : Failing to work on mobile or any other devices will limit your success. That’s why, CSSIgniter provides responsive design that adapts with all screens. All websites powered by this developer works on tablet, mobile and majority touch screen devices. It automatically resize header and menu to show logo, links, and everything in proper way.

Page Layouts and Other Options :

Flexible Layout Options : Spencer WordPress theme offers bunch of layout options which is applicable for default archive pages. Hence, you can set blog, tag, category and date archives to display certain layout that is selected from options page. The layout page includes upto 3 columns so you can have more posts on single page.

Besides that, you can choose to show or hide sidebar section which is good place to promote widgets. The masonry effect is also available for multiple columns layout which is stylish way of showing featured post entries. The excerpt box helps you to control length of excerpt box which shows little snippet of each post.

Blog and Archive Page Layout Options - Spencer

Bloggers will find pagination options so visitors can check out all previous posts easily. In-short, archives options helps you to decide content presentation style and effects for key pages. This is how you can setup your blog page to display all stories along with sidebar widgets. If you use sidebar widget area is smart way then it can bring more page-views and ad earning from Ad banners.

Color and Theme Options : CSSIgniter always offers a flexible customization panel, so novice user an take maximum benefit. WordPress customizer includes live preview box and color customization options. So you can select color style for all sections along with background, hover effect and more. Apart from that, you will get easy access to page layouts, header section, home widgets, navigation and more.

This visual options panel saves valuable time and it needs no coding work. Administrator just have to play with given options which could be check box, ready list of options or something else.

Spencer Theme Customizer

Spencer CSSIgniter : More Detail

Header Area : The header section provides a top bar where you can add email address, and social media links. The main header section includes logo and menubar on single block. The header and menu both are visible as they are provided in floating design. If you open and demo and scroll on the page then you will see header following you all the way to the bottom.

This header layout make sure that user can always access navigation links. The top header will promote social media profile links with nice icons and other contact details. The header will not only simplify website navigation but also get more social followers and inquiries.

Header Menu in Floating Style - Spencer

Footer Area : Spencer bottom area is only noticed by user when he scroll down all the way to the end. But this is still important section as you must offer something to user to navigate within site. Therefore, footer provides two sections: Above footer and Footer widget area. There are 4 widget blocks so you can share custom links, contact details, and more. The above footer widget section is single widget section where you can display Instagram photos, Newsletter signup box, Wide banner or any widget.

Footer Widgets - Spencer Theme

Other Information : As a blogger, you can control blog presentation with post layout options. Single post layout has options to display or hide : Related posts, Author details, Lightbox for galleries etc. Apart from that, you can control tags, categories, comments and other stuff also. This theme can be good solution for bloggers, internet marketers and all business needs.

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