Theme Junkie PostBoard Demo – Grid Based Blog WordPress Theme

Meet PostBoard : A responsive WordPress blogging theme powered by grid layout that fits to all devices. It is coded by Theme Junkie who is popular for developing best WordPress templates for blogs and magazines. The theme provides several custom features so that you can display logo, ad-banners, custom widgets, navigation bar in own style. If you are a stylish blogger who is searching for a pinterest type blog template, then here is your solution.

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The theme price is very reasonable so any one can afford to purchase it. You just have to refer to documentation for quick setup and done. No more hassle to edit codes as everything is manageable with built-in options.


Why Should You Try PostBoard WordPress Theme ?

This theme is highly suggestible for every one who is planning to display lots of posts on one page or homepage. The traditional list view style layout is also good but it has limitations. You can only display 5 or 8 entries on single page and then user have to use pagination button to move onto previous posts. But Theme Junkie developers has used dynamic grid layout to remove this limitation. You can easily highlight lots of articles using grid structure.

PostBoard gives you a content friendly layout where user can see lots of contents and surely find best one for reading. When you showcase lots of choices then readers would surely keep browsing different articles. And that’s why this theme could prove helpful to boost your traffic and ad-revenue.


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Many people try to purchase simple blog template and the use extra plugins to add grid layout. But that is not advisable as it can affect your page speed or sometime they can break-down your whole website. This theme is all in one package for modern bloggers who want to use adsense, rating feature and other stuff. Whether you are a simple blogger or stylish blogger, it gives you various options to choose your way.

PostBoard Theme Junkie : Features

Custom Header and Custom Menu : The theme provides you multiple choices when it comes to setup header and menu. The header allows you to use simple style where logo and tagline is displayed in the middle of screen. Another header layout gives you option to display ad-banner so logo is shifted on the left side and rest of the width space it used for banner.


Same way, you can also utilize primary menu that is visible on above header. This section is suggestible to display page links like Contact, About or other stuff. And secondary menu is down below header which is ideal to display main or important blog categories. Because it is very near to the homepage body area so visitors can easily find blog category links.


Infinite Scroll : A pinterest style blog os not complete until you have infinite scroll feature. Therefore, PostBoard Theme offers automatic content loading feature where you have to scroll until you reach end. The theme keeps loading previous posts while you are scrolling over page. This feature has proved very useful for Pinterest, Facebook and many big platforms.


That’s why this concept has been used by all professional blog and news websites. Theme Junkie team has offered this feature in optional mode. Hence, bloggers can also switch classic posts navigation who loves traditional pagination options. The infinite scroll can speed up browsing by letting users view contents on the fly. It can also make visitors stay on your website for longer which is good for blog platforms who are facing high bounce rate.


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Rating And Sort Feature : If you go and check out PostBoard live demo then you can better understand this feature. You will see like button with featured and full post mode. A heart shape button is used to attract visitors and make them like if they love your article. The like button highlights total likes count so that people can easily judge the popularity of particular post.


On the other hand, visitors will find “Sorting” option buttons on the top of featured grid (homepage). Readers can easily find out best posts using these sorting buttons : Latest, Likes, Random and Comments. Some people would like to read articles that is loved by most of the readers, and some would like to check-out new articles.

Post Formats : Most of the advanced WordPress blogging theme comes with this feature as it is important for all bloggers. The post formats feature provides you easy path to share your quotes, videos, gallery, music tracks and all other stuff. PostBoard has 7 post formats so you will never have to install extra plugins to post media elements.

The post editor screen will show you list of all formats, so you can just pick any one. Most of the novice blogger would face difficulty when it comes to share quotes in style or gallery in stylish way. But this feature will tackle that issue for novice bloggers.


All Features :

  • Mega Menu : Advanced navigation system
  • Social links on floating header
  • Leaderboard Ad banner spot on header
  • Alternate menu support
  • Homepage content slider
  • Archives support (upto 4 columns) : Tags, Authors, Categories
  • Page/Post Sidebar : Left, Right, Full Width
  • Search widget : Find contents easily
  • Custom short-codes
  • Alternate homepage layout : Grid with custom width

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