Theme Junkie Shopy : WordPress eCommerce Theme

After working long time, Theme Junkie has finally come up with Shopy. This is an ecommerce WordPress theme that is powered by WooCommerce. This is best free eCommerce plugin which provides safe and performance oriented WooCommerce features. The theme adapts to any layout using responsive design so can get all visitors from tablet or smart phones. The elegant white layout makes better content focused platform so products easily stick to visitors eye.

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If you are in search of a best and affordable eCommerce template then Shopy is for you. The theme needs a very short-time for installation and customization process. Every part of customized by ready options which needs no coding work. So a novice user can also run his own eCommerce or affiliate product store to sell any type of goods.

You can choose this theme to sell your own goods or affiliate with Amazon or other big stores to earn affiliate revenue. The light weight design and SEO powered layout makes it best solution for all types of online stores.

Shopy WordPress Theme : Main Features

You should always select right eCommerce WordPress theme before you start an online shop. Because making a mistake in theme selection would make you pay big loss. That’s why you should always purchase a WordPress theme from professional or reputed store. Theme Junkie is highly popular and reputed template developer who knows the value of coding and performance. So when you buy any theme form this developer you automatically get benefits of updates, documentation, advanced features, direct support and more.

Shopy theme has lots of stuff for your e-commerce project, so we will check out some core features for quick idea.

WooCommerce Integration : Just like previous eCommerce templates, this them is also integrated with WooCommerce plugin. Hence, site owners can take all benefit to manage their online store. Once you have installed this plugin then you become eligible for product listing like other professional online store. You will see all products listed under “Shop” page with list filter and sort options.


It is tightly integrated with WooCommerce, so you can utilize it to get benefit of WooCommerce code and WooCommerce extensions. If you install all recommended plugins (as said in documentation) then you can get benefit of Image flipper, Gird, List toggle, Wish list button, Multiple language feature and more.

More Features : Theme Junkie Shopy

Frontpage Setup : It’s important to create a stunning and informative homepage which requires lots of time and energy. But that is not necessary for Shopy, because it offers widgetized homepage layout. Developers have provided 3 custom widgets to build a homepage that looks like demo. So you can add those widgets in desired order to add slider, featured products and product categories block.


Once you drag and drop widgets in right order then you can add slides into slideshow for offers and promotion. The home banners section includes multiple columns so you can either insert banners to use featured images to highlight main shop categories. The “Products Widget” is also helpful to highlight latest or popular products on homage area.

In-short, widgets are offered for easy homepage management and you will find control options within widgets to manage everything.


Customizer : Forget traditional options panel which was little difficultly for novice people. Now all Theme Junkie WordPress themes are integrated with powerful WordPress customizer. This options panel show you list of all options on the left side and preview on right. So administrator can customize header, colors, fonts, homepage, widgets and other stuff with built-in options.

It shows you preview of changes without saving the new settings, as a result you can save time. If you don’t like preview then you can reject changes and if it is good then you can save them with one click.

In-short, Shopy is best and truly content rich WordPress theme that is suggestible for any online shops.


All Features :

  • Several Customization options and settings
  • Mobile friendly structure
  • Adaptive to all screens
  • Unique slider for homepage
  • Blog layout with sidebar
  • Custom header and menus support
  • Lots of fonts and styling options
  • Custom widgets for homepage, footer, sidebar
  • Ad-banners support

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