Tocial : Best Blog WordPress Theme by Themecountry

Tocial is a premium blogging theme with engaging layout introduced for authors and bloggers alike. Themecountry has tried to create a professional and simple blog layout so that bloggers who wants to promote content in simple style can take direct benefit. You can’t share contents for all niches with distraction oriented design that would show lots of background colors, other unwanted graphics.

Tocial Themecountry - WordPress Blogging Template

This is the only WP theme which offers responsive and clean design for marketers and bloggers. The simple content showcase style would promote your blog articles effectively with advanced features.

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Why Tocial WordPress Theme for Blogs ?

Post Formats : Forget the old blog templates which used to come with one standard format to share all contents. With advanced blog post formats, you can now share photo galleries, videos, quotes and all stuff nicely. Authors will have list of all the existing post format so they can select right one and go ahead to publish stories with media items.

Single Post : Check one sample post from Tocial demo and see what is shows on the screen below every post. You must have noticed list or Related posts that shows title and attractive thumbnails. Bloggers can set number of posts, and taxonomy for related posts section from single post options page. Then we also notice two big link buttons with post titles, these are called Next/Previous post entries. Next/Previous articles links are also visible in top floating navigation bar while scrolling on single post.

These features creates easy link to divert on related or recently published posts from the same screen. Bloggers can also activate other features like social sharing buttons, breadcrumb links etc. Single post full screen shows date, total views, total likes and taxonomy list. The documentation clearly explains on how to activate and manage all these features.

Single Post - Tocial Theme

Fast Loading : This feature is important for blog, news, business or any website that you might create to target visitors. Loading speed plays big role to gain improved SEO rank as well as to reduce bounce rate. Visitors would prefer to stay on the website and keep browsing more pages only if they find easy navigation with good place load speed. And this blog template is prepared to serve your visitors with good performance on all platforms.

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Best Blogging Theme Features – Themecountry :

Fixed Header Layout : You must have checked this feature from demo, especially while browsing. The header shows a floating navigation with transparent background when user begins scrolling on the page. Header uses left space to show logo and right side for navigation menu. You can accompany logo with tagline which could be a brand related slogan or any text that message related to blog niche.

Header Menu Logo Ad Banner - Tocial Theme

Masonry Home Layout : Tocial WordPress theme provides easy way to setup a unique homepage. You can add multiple featured sections to highlight posts from various categories or display latest posts in list view style. If you love to share lots of posts then masonry layout is available to create same clone of pinterest grid. Homepage could be good place to share lots of featured posts and widgets.

Featured Grid - Tocial Frontpage

Best Widgets Package : The footer and sidebar are both available to promote widgets. Bloggers can choose any widgets for these areas to share Blog categories list, Recent posts, Recent Comments, Ad Banners, Social Links, Author details, Custom menu etc. Demo shows widgets placed in sidebar and a menu links in footer area.

Blog platforms and most of the websites use widgets to share useful links, advertisement banners and other information. If you use widget area properly then it can boost social media followers, page-views, email subscribers and ad revenue.

Other Unique Features : Tocial Blogging Theme

Theme Options : With custom crated back-end options panel, bloggers are easily going to implement all changes as required. The options page shows tabs to access settings for styling, single post, homepage, fonts, colors, header etc. So, these visual options are going to be helpful to make changes for style and layouts. No coding work is done to any any small or high level changes as everything is managed straight through visual options.

Responsive : We have reviewed lots of WordPress blogging themes and this is one of the best among them. The full responsive design covers compatibility and support to work on any dynamic screen. You can make it work on different internet devices from desktop, tablet to smart phone.

Responsive - Tocial Blogging Theme

Back To Top :This link button is displayed with custom arrow icon on the right bottom side. Readers will see it all time when scrolling on website on homepage, single post, archive or any pages. One click will scroll user to the top of the page and save time required in manual scroll process.

The banner spot is visible on top, below header area which is good place to display advertisements. The ad panel have other ad places and you can also use widget area to share banners. If we are getting floating menu, auto page scroll options and easy options panel in single WordPress blog theme then there is no need to look for alternative themes.

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