CSSIgniter Vidiho : Responsive Video Blog WordPress Theme

Vidiho is a WordPress theme for all bloggers who are sharing videos as main content. If you are a game or entertainment blogger then you need a unique blogging theme that provides video embedding feature. This theme comes with ready options where you can embed videos from external platforms. Apart from that, it has custom post formats, widgets, and many other elements.

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The homepage and entire theme design looks simple but don’t go over the look. What is really provides is a minimal platform that streams your videos nicely.

Vidiho - Video Blogging theme by CSSIgniter

Homepage Layout : Vidiho CSSIgniter

Starting a video blog requires you to be sure about certain points. So any WordPress theme that you select for video site should be flexible enough in terms of design. This theme has been developed with flexible layouts so you can have control for homepage, sidebar and everything. Whatever appears in front-of your eyes is manageable from options panel.

The website setup process requires you to create homepage and blog page. These are the two main sections that will show all your blog posts. The homepage can be setup with custom page attribute called “FrontPage”. The blog page will show all latest posts with featured images, sidebar and other stuff. If you prefer to setup custom homepage like Vidiho demo then you will have multiple blocks.

Home Video Slider - Vidiho Theme

1) Home Slider : This section is going to be a content promotion section which seems ideal to promote new videos or some content that worth a look for all new visitors. The slider could show all post types including video, and standard one. It is advised to use large featured images so that it appears nicely on big slider. The good thing about slider is that is is optimized to show videos in big HD version.

Because of big view port, videos will look nice when they are streamed in big size. The slider puts content section on the bottom area so user can look at title, details and link to check out full article. The automatic slider transition adds more beauty to overall slideshow presentation.

Featured Posts : There are two more sections that always shows latest contents. The first section shows latest videos which is automatically shown by theme itself. The next is latest posts block which shows new articles which are not having videos in it. So visitors can have look at simple and video posts easily.

Homepage Contents - Vidiho CSSIgniter

Other Content Details :

Widget Areas : If you just check out Vidiho WordPress theme in live demo then it shows couple of best content sections. The sidebar, footer, header all these are the main widget areas. The header has only one widget area on the right of logo. So you can use this section to display only social media links from CSSIgniter social media widget.

The right of the homepage and blog page shows a common sidebar which shares same widgets. So this is ideal to share banners, latest articles, categories, and other unique stuff. In addition, you can add another slider that appears only for pages that may add on the website. The widgets are great entities to help you promote Instagram photos, Social profile links, Newsletter, Contacts, Personal details and other stuff.

Video Post with Widgets - Vidiho

You can use footer to place 3 widgets that appears on the bottom of all pages. If you use widgets in right way then it can get many page-views, and earning from Advertisement programs.

Post Formats : Apart from standard post, you will find an additional video post format. So bloggers can use video post to share their videos in unique style. This ready post format helps you with embedding process by providing oEmbed compatibility. If you are going to use video from non supported sites then you can still add them with iFrame video.

If you choose video post type and you don’t assign video URL then it will use featured image for slider. Every post listing window will show button to feature current post on home slider. So you need that one click to add any post on homepage area.

Benefits : Vidiho Video Blog Theme

Making video marketing blog or entertainment site requires interesting contents. You can definitely impress reader with videos, and photo gallery, but marketing blogger will need more. Therefore, CSSIgniter offers custom shortcodes that will help you to add paragraphs, buttons, and more within posts. The responsive layout makes it more easier to watch videos on small screen devices. Thanks to CSSIgniter for creating all founder mobile friendly video blogging theme.

Responsive Video Blog Theme - Vidiho

The entire theme is powered by visual options and that’s why most of the video bloggers love this theme. The CSSIgniter options panel covers all settings for homepage slider, home contents, styling, layouts and more. You will just have to pick ready options and nothing. The search engine optimized layout keeps it on good ranking for all search engines.

I recommend this WordPress blog template to those who needs video sharing site, or just a simple blog too.

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