MyThemeShop Viral Demo : Responsive Blogging Theme

Introducing The Viral by Mythemeshop : A viral WordPress blog theme that brings a revised platform for modern journal sites. This theme brings a totally new concept which redefines how viral sites are made without coding skill. If we talk on suitable niches then it works for wide range of topics and blog categories.

So you never have to be limited for few niches. As along as you want to share contents it works for fashion, technology, entertainment, and all niches.

Viral Demo - WordPress Blogging Theme from MyThemeShop

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Viral WordPress Theme : Best Points

Nice Header Design : The entire site is connected from navigation section where user can access different menu links. The header includes space to display primary navigation which shows links for any pages or blog category sections. Apart from that, you will have top navigation bar to display tags links so user can browse posts via their favourite tags. Header includes logo space which creates a brand for your blog site.

As you look at demo then you will see that it looks simple but it still includes many powerful elements. The header bottom section shows a social media bar with links to Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc. If you go on right header area then it it shows options to enable Random posts, Login, Signup and Upload link. The upload button is provided to invite contributors to submit their contents.

Header Menu and Upload button - Viral MyThemeShop

The more contributors you have on your blog, the better it will be for your site. The header search icon shows way to find articles by just entering search keyword. Thanks to awesome header layout which let’s you to edit contents, background style, logo and everything.

Footer + Sidebar Widgets : When you scroll to the bottom area then you will be again greeted with useful elements. This is because of 4 widget blocks provided by footer. Hence, site owners can display category links, recent posts, custom text and more. Similarly, sidebar also provides widget space but it is more popular than footer. Because every one who comes to single posts or homepage can notice sidebar widgets.

So you can try out highlighting photos using custom “Gallery Widget” widget. Moreover, there are other custom widgets for Featured posts, Banners, Social links, Tabs widget and more.

Footer and Sidebr Widgets - Viral MyThemeShop

Frontpage Details : MyThemeShop Viral

Post Layout Buttons : The right top corner (below header) shows a section with 3 post layout options. Therefore, website visitors can view homepage featured posts in single column as shown in default mode with demo. Or they can use layout buttons to switch to 2 or 3 columns. The default layout can be setup from MyThemeShop options panel so website will show featured posts as defined by administrator.

Carousel Slider : Viral theme frontpage shows a carousel block on the top of the page. So user can see best posts on slider with small thumbnails. The slider settings panel let’s you add preference for number of posts and choose custom categories. The visibility is available for homepage but you can choose optional settings to display it on archive and single posts also.

Viral Post Layouts and Carousel Slider

The placement is also optional for two locations which includes After header and Before footer. Slider shows navigation arrows on both end for manual scrolling and it also keep scrolling in automatic mode.

Home Featured Posts : The homepage featured posts combines social sharing buttons with bold and bright icons. The bold title and featured images really attracts user’s attention. Voting buttons are also displayed with social sharing icons so user can add vote by clicking Up and Down Voting Button. Other elements includes total post views count, total comments count, author name, date etc.

Featured Post - Viral MyThemeShop

Other Blog Features : Viral Theme

Social Media Sharing : This is the feature which makes this theme a truly socially viral WordPress theme. The social media integration makes it truly best solution to add viral look to get more social shares and page-views. If you look on single posts options then it provides floating social media bar on left side. Or you can choose to display social buttons on top and bottom of articles.

Whether you go on frontpage or single posts, MyThemeShop provides social sharing links with all featured posts.

Single Post Social Sharing Buttons - Viral Blog Theme

Other Benefits : On checking the single post in full preview, you will find Related posts and Comments options with author box. There are many Ad locations to show advertisements on single articles. You can use Banner widgets to display ads on sidebar, footer and other widget areas. This theme has MyThemeShop options panel that includes Performance, Styling, Navigation, Single Posts, Homepage, Header and many other features.

Viral Options panel

The pagination list has 4 options including Ajax auto loading, Numbered and other basic features. Ajax is also used for search options which improves content loading speed. If you are novice looking for a responsive blogging theme with flexible layout and easy options then you must choose Viral as next choice.

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