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WP-Blog is a premium WordPress theme by SoloStream especially crafted for bloggers. This theme is released with light weight design which makes is SEO friendly. The crisp elegant design is main factor which keeps your contents in focus. Whether you a need a simple journal website or a multimedia blog to share videos, photos and music tracks, it is right for all bloggers.

WP-Professional Review – Solostream

WP-Blog Review - SoloStream WordPress Blogging Theme

We have personally browsed each part of the live demo like homepage, header, single post etc. And what we really liked is large featured images used to display all latest posts on front-page. As you hover mouse on featured images then it will show zoom-in effect and “View Post” text overlay.

WP-Blog SoloStream : Best Features

Modern Design : When you are starting with a first blog then it is necessary to pick right WordPress blogging theme. Then only you can beat out competitors in SEO battle and provide nice browsing experience to your readers. This theme includes options panel where you can find options to change color skin, background, font style, logo and other stuff.

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The homepage let’s you display newly released blog articles in excerpt or full view, whatever you think would be the best. The sidebar is optional so you can enable it when you want to display banners, latest posts, social links and other stuff. Normally all content writers would prefer to use sidebar on right side but you can also place it on left side too.

Featured Posts - WP-Blog Theme

When you don’t need sidebar for certain posts or pages then you can choose full-width layout. Same way, footer panel is powered by full-width widget area to display instagram photos and social media links. In my opinion, this is best professional blogging theme that is good for affiliate marketer, news writers and all types of bloggers.

Responsive Layout : Have ever tried to browse any website from mobile or any small screen devices ?. Then you must have noticed that many website would fail to work and load properly on small tablet or mobile screens. This because they are not responsive enough to scale on dynamic screens. But WP-Blog WordPress theme has been coded with new web design standard. So all your websites made from SoloStream templates will work on any smallest screen.

The mobile ready design can automatically adapt on user’s screen.So readers can get same experience while accessing menu links, photos (auto resize), and blog posts.

Footer WP-Blog

SoloStream Blogging Theme : More Information

Stylish Header : Mostly, blog templates are offered with simple header where yo can add custom menu and logo. But you can do more than that with WP-Blog theme. It offers custom background options where you can use any image or just plain color too. The logo uploader will add your logo in the center position along with any tag-line you would prefer to add.

Header Menu - WP-Blog

The top header bar includes a menubar having wide space to display custom links and widgets. The left side of menu will show-off search box so visitors can instantly start searching for contents. Or they can browse best categories from menu bar. This theme offers WordPress menus support so you can use drag and drop method to add links for any pages or blog categories.

The menu-bar is developed using floating design so user will see it any-time when scrolling on the page. This feature proves that WP-Blog WordPress theme is really dedicated to give you stronger navigation. Along with that, It includes fixed sidebar layout so user can see widgets all the time even when they scroll on long pages. The sidebar movies when you scroll down on the page, but it stop scrolling when there is more widgets on the down side.

So this concept make sure that visitors can always see menu links and sidebar widgets.

Other Blog Features :

Custom Post Types : This theme is released specially for blog websites where you may think of publishing anything. With this concept in main focus, it gives you access to multiple post types. So there will be ready post type options when you want to share videos, audio, photo gallery and other stuff. This feature adds more power for bloggers who loves sharing their stories using media elements. When you use media contents with articles then your articles become more engaging.

Custom Post Type - WP-Blog Theme

Single Post : WP-Blog theme offers advanced features with single post at the bottom area. So readers won’t leave your website when they finish reading. The bottom of the page will display taxonomies (tags/categories) and social sharing icons. So they can browse other contents under same tags or share your posts on their social pages. On the other hand, it also gives you option to display In post navigation bar which shows next and previous post links with title and small thumbnails.

Single Post Features - WP-Blog SoloStream

That’s not all, it has one more feature to increase your page views. The “Related Posts” feature is also available so visitors will see other posts from related tags or categories. Readers will see relevant articles in featured style which can lead them to rotate over other best articles.

In short this is a best WordPress blog theme that covers professional design and all advanced features. It keeps everything look clear and appealing with stylish font and other stuff.

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