WPCasa Sylt Demo : Real Estate WordPress Theme

WPCasa Sylt is a elegant style real estate WordPress theme released by WPCasa team. The theme provides user friendly listing features so you can add properties with maps, gallery and other details. Apart from that, it has multiple widget areas to help you add custom widgets on sidebars and singe listings page. Just try browsing demo which reveals why it is called best minimal theme.

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WPCasa Sylt Review – Responsive Real Estate Theme for WordPress

It loads pages at much greater speed than any other real estate templates in the market. The theme uses simple typography and professional layout so property listings will easily stick to visitor’s eye.

What’s Best About Sylt WordPress Theme ?

The theme leaves lots of free space around content sections which can improve reading experience. If you have browsed demo then you must have seen Menu Icons on header area, if you also want to add same menu then you can do it with Menu Icons free plugin. Rest of the header elements includes : Custom logo on left, Primary / Secondary menus, Contact number (top left) etc.

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When you are setting up a new real estate website, then first thing you would want to do it to change logo and colors. That’s why, WPCasa Sylt theme gives you full support for customizer so user can edit color skins, background, logo image and other stuff to match corporate brand.

Listings Page - WPCasa Sylt

The homepage provides custom sections to display property listing slide-show, services, featured listings and call to action blocks. All these elements are highlighted using custom homepage featured, and we will discuss on it soon.

Another best thing we liked about this real estate template is search feature. The homepage has search block with basic and advanced search options so visitors can find preterite easily. The search module allows your client’s to pick property type, location, rooms or they can add property id to locate particular property.

WPCasa Sylt - Color Customizer

Main Features : WPCasa Sylt Theme

Quick Homepage Setup : After seeing live demo, you must be thinking on how is it possible to setup such a complex front-page. Well, let me make it clear that you don’t have to know coding or use 3rd party plugins for homepage setup. Once you install Sylt theme and recommended plugins then you can easily create homepage.

In order to create custom frontpage, you need to select “Homepage” under page template attribute from page editor screen. After that, you will automatically see custom meta boxes on page editor to add content sections as highlighted on demo. It offers total 6 meta boxes to display important contents on homepage.

WPCasa Sylt homepage - Custom Metaboxes

1) Home Slider : Highlights Latest or Selected Listings
2) Home Icon Links : Displays main services or business features using icon links
3) Home Listings : Shows listings based on selected filter (e.g. property for sale, or rent)
4) Home Call to Action 1 : Insert some unique words and links to encourage client’s to take action
5) Home Carousel : Shows latest property listings or selected filtered listing entries
6) Home Call to Action 2 : Add another call to action block to get more leads

All these meta boxes offers custom options so you can select how many posts to display, what to display and also add links to full page to check-out all listings. It just asks you to specify your preferences and that’s what you need to do from your side. Even if you are a novice user who knows basic computer, still you can handle everything.

Other Features :

Easy Listings : The WPCasa Sylt WordPress theme gives you two ways to create property listings. By default, it gives you access to “standard layout” to create single listing pages. But if you prefer to use custom widgets then it will automatically replace standard layout with widgetized listings page. The widgetized page gives you total 4 widget areas : Listing top (full width), Listing bottom (full width), Listing single (body area to display property details), and Listing Sidebar (For contact details).

Single Listings Page - Widgetized Areas - Sylt WPCasa

The theme allows you to add preferred widgets for main content areas to display property image, price, details, listing description, extra features, image gallery, property location (map) etc. You can add these widgets in desired order and remove those which doesn’t make sense for your listings.

Sample Property Listing - WPCasa Sylt

The sidebar widgets area is ideal to display agent section, contact form to schedule viewing and carousel widget to display featured properties. It’s so easy to add and edit properties with ready widgets and custom fields. The top right corner of every property highlights “Print” button so client’s can see printable format to generate print copy of your single listings page.

WPCasa Sylt - Widget Setup

Main Features : Real Estate WordPress Theme

  • Footer with 3 widget columns
  • Listings page : Sort options
  • Best Widgets : Property Search, Featured carousel
  • Custom widgets collection for Single Listing
  • Homepage property slider : Full-Width
  • Shortcodes to create listings page : e.g. rental properties

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