MyThemeShop Ad-Sense Demo : WordPress Blog Theme

Ad-Sense is a content focused WordPress blogging theme by MyThemeShop. The is not just an ordinary blog template, it has much more than general blogging features. The main feature includes Ad-blocker and many ad spots which boosts your ad revenue.

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The theme offers eight unique pre-defined blog layouts that fits covers general and special needs. Hence, next time when you want to start a blog for fashion, kids, sports, news or online shop. You won’t have to spend extra times or use bunch plugins.


Is It Worth Trying Ad-Sense WordPress Theme ?

The fluid responsive layout makes your website fit to any size over tablet or mobiles. The adsense ads are also displayed in responsive size so your ads will be visible on all types of devices. The search engine optimized layout gives you ability to spread your contents all around the world and boost your traffic. We liked this theme for speed optimized layout that loads easily in all conditions.

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Most of the time, bloggers face speed issue when they use too many images or videos in their articles. As a result, they have to face high bounce rate and SEO ranking problem. But Ad-Sense WordPress theme makes it all easier to maintain best performance with advanced coding. The theme uses light weight structure and clean layout to maintain proper balance for readability.

In my opinion, this WordPress theme is ideal for marketers and google adsense bloggers who are looking for better ways to earn more profit. MyThemeShop provides options panel to specify ad-banners, loading style, layouts, homepage style, typography, colors and everything.


Ad-Sense Blog Theme : Key Features

Ad Blocker Sensor : You will be amazed to know about this new feature which detects ad blocker from user side. And shown them notice to disable their ad blocker to read your contents. This is built-in feature which is optional and activated in one click. It also gives you special options to specify message or notice which is displayed when user blocks your ads.


The good thing about this feature is that it automatically hides your post contents until user disable their ad blocker. That means, you will always be showing advertisements while readers are accessing your stories. Ad blocker also provides shortcode which is useful when you want to hide particular posts. You can display ad blocker warning using floating box and Pop-up notification.

Ad Placement Areas : MyThemeShop has offered many ad blocks in Ad-Sense WordPress theme. So bloggers will always have an opportunity to display banners on header, menu, sidebar and into single post. The header and sidebar ads are visible throughout entire website so these are ideal spots to display offers. Apart from that, you will find top and bottom ad spots for single articles.


So this is another way to earn more clicks and profit while visitors are reading your posts.

Other Details :

The theme gives you homepage options where you are allowed to choose between 5 layouts. Hence, you can display latest featured posts on homepage area with 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns and more. Moreover, you can also add featured categories on homepage area to display updates from best categories. Other features include post format icons (Audio, Video, Gallery posts etc.), hover effect, Mega information and more.


If you go through Ad-Sense WordPress theme demo then you will find related posts, author information and in-post navigation below single posts. There are sidebar and footer widget blocks available to display important links, banners and featured posts. I would recommend this MyThemeShop adsense blogging theme to every one who is looking to increase their revenue.

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