Anchored Restored 316 : Genesis Business WordPress Theme

Anchored is a feminine business WordPress theme for girl entrepreneurs and women wanting to create online blog or business site. Restored 316 has introduced it with nice homepage layout where you can display everything including featured pages, blog posts, categories, banners and eCommerce items.

If you want to run business with stability then you need online presence to reach clients and this is best genesis business theme for all business and content marketing professionals.

Anchored Restored 316 - WordPress Blog Theme

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Anchored Theme Widget Areas :

Frontpage : Including homepage, every section that you see in demo is powered by custom widgets. Whether you check header, single post, footer, or sidebar, widget areas are available for all corners. You will be free to enable or disable home widget sections as required. Either you can clone homepage layout from demo or make your own strategy to place contents on homepage.

There are 6 widget areas provided for homepage and they all are optional and flexible to display anything. The top area is “Home Featured” section that shows a carousel type featured section in demo. Then we see three Flexible widget areas having full-width row for each widget section. The “Home Flexible” widget area are utilized to display company introduction, call to action, featured categories or anything.


There are two more widget areas that appears above and below content area. The widget space above and below blog section is used to share featured categories, Advertisement banners, contacts or anything. Anchored is popular for it’s flexible widgetized layout and that’s why most of the women prefer Restored 316 to buy best quality feminine themes for genesis framework.

Home Page Blog Section : This section is known as content area that shows featured post entries on homepage. You have to enable this section for homepage to show blog post entries or disable it if not needed. Many business owners show blog posts to share latest news and offers from blog page. Some people disable blog from homepage and display blog link in menubar. You can enable or disable home blog setting from customizer panel.

Anchored - Content Area Latest Blog Posts

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Restored 316 Genesis Business Child Theme :

Navigation Menus : Total 3 menus have been integrated within header and footer area. Two menus found in header are primary and secondary menus. Footer has another menu to display navigation bar near bottom side. The top primary menu shows links with social navigation links so user can view best pages, categories and social profile links. Because of floating layout, primary menu is used to display main pages.

Secondary menu us found below header area which shows extra page links, blog categories and other selected links. The header middle space is used to display logo image for business along with text message idea to create branding for business.

Anchored Header Navigation

Announcement Widget Section : This widget block is found on the very top, just above the header. Marketing and business websites enable this widget bar to show important announcements, special offers or anything that needs all visitor’s attention. It is ideal to display text message and link : for e.g. : offer details and link to offer page.

Customizer : Anchored WordPress theme uses genesis settings page and customizer to control entire site. You can load customizer with single click to access color skins, header, layouts and typography options. The customizer can arrange widgets in desired order, setup navigation menu and do much more for styling and customization needs.

Custom Page Templates : Anchored Theme

Category Index Page : We have not seen this feature with any other WordPress themes. The category index listing page is controlled from widget area. Just select featured posts widget to show featured category sections in different rows. Mostly, bloggers utilize category index page to display selected categories in single page.

Blog can also display latest posts but it shows recent posts on top so old posts are buried. But category index template can always highlight recent post entries for selected category all time with dedicated section. Every category block shows a couple of featured posts and link to category page so readers can visit full category page.

Anchored Theme - Category Index Page

Custom Blog Page Template : There are two sections for bloggers to display latest post entries. If you choose simple blog template then it shows latest posts with selected layout style. If you choose “Custom Blog Template” then you will have one widget block available on the top of the page. So, bloggers can easily place featured categories list, featured posts, special offers or anything above blog post list.

Anchored also offers Instagram Page template to display updates from Instagram.

Anchored - Custom Blog Template

Responsive : Let new age internet user enjoy your website with small screen devices with responsive design. Choose tablet, smart phone or any device to see how it looks on different screen resolutions. The mobile friendly navigation and flexible design easily resize to fit on user’s view port. The home sections, blog posts, header, single posts and all elements can adapt to user’s device.

If you need a genesis child theme that supports WooCommerce for online eCommerce shop then here is the solution. We loved the fast speed, flexibility, versatile structure, easy options panel and all widgetized areas.

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