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Cinch is a premium WordPress magazine theme that works on the core of genesis framework. ZigzagPress has developed it with unique blog layouts and custom features. That’s why it is rated as most simplistic and best blogging theme. The theme leaves lots of free space around posts, sidebar and widget areas. So readers can have better experience while referring to articles or browsing featured posts list.

Cinch Demo - WordPress Blog Theme for Genesis - ZigzagPress

If you really want to start a simple and totally content focused blog platform the you must choose this genesis child theme. It lacks no feature that is needed to create modern blog platform.

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Cinch WordPress Theme : Features

Pre-defined Colors : The options panel comes with 2 color options so forget elegant traditional layout. The color skins list includes dark and grey colors which should fit to most of the bloggers choice. If that’s not what you want then you can try to customize color, background and other styles from customizer. The options panel helps you to edit heading fonts, body fonts, logo image, page layouts and everything.

Post Formats : Being an genesis blogging theme, it gives you blog post formats support. Thanks to ZigzagPress for providing WordPress post formats support which simplifies blot post styling. The post formats can automatically add custom styling as per post type. So you can now create stunning articles by selecting any post format from the list.

Cinch Blog Post Formats

WordPress editor screen will show you post list that includes using gallery, aside, link, status, image, video, audio, chat, and image. So you can choose right style that looks perfect for your next blog article. In-short, this feature can help bloggers change how each post looks without spending much time.

Responsive : Genesis Cinch theme is a product powered by modern web development practice. That’s why it brings a truly responsive design for modern devices. Whether you see it on smart phone, tablet or laptop, it looks nice on any screen. The smart responsive feature can check view port size and adjust menu, featured posts, gallery, slider, video, texts and everything accordingly.

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ZigzagPress Cinch : Blog Theme

Featured Posts : Every post that is powered by custom post format is shown in different style. If you check screenshot here then it shows preview of how you will see gallery, quotes, chat and other posts in featured preview. The homepage shows excerpt means small preview with title, and Red more link button. So visitors can see all newly released blog articles with dynamic featured size.

Featured Posts Preview - Cinch

3 Page Layouts : Apart from homepage and single pots features, you will encounter multiple page layouts. If you check Cinch WordPress theme in demo preview then you will find that it has left and right sidebar layouts. If you don’t require sidebar widgets or need landing page type post or page then you can choose full-width style. Page editor shows list of all existing layout so author can choose custom layout for any page.

If you don’t choose layout then it will apply default layout which is selected from Genesis Settings page. This flexibility can really add great power to content presentation which can also affect readability.

Footer Widget Area - Cinch

Widget Areas : ZigzagPress has offered 3 widget blocks on footer panel and other widget areas for sidebar. The widgets helps authors to display Banners, Recent posts, Featured posts and other stuff. Apart from that, you can also share author intro, featured posts, social links and other stuff.

Widgets can help you optimize website presentation by adding custom links and other stuff. So visitors can easily navigate to other posts, category pages and browse contents easily from anywhere on the site.

Cinch Header and Menu

Other Details : ZigzagPress Genesis Theme

Ajax Loading : Last and best feature is “Infinite Scroll” button which is placed as pagination. This button is found on the bottom of the page when you finish watching featured posts. Just one click is all that is required to load more posts from old pages. Ajax technology doesn’t reload entire page to show more posts from previous pages.

Modern pagination can improve browsing style by loading posts on existing page. Hence, user doesn’t have to navigate from one to another page. If you check bottom right corner then it shows Up facing arrow button. This button is provided to reach from bottom to top area so it is called “Back To Top” button.

Infinite Scroll Pagination - Cinch Theme

Cinch is a most unique WordPress blog template that includes custom header and menu options. On the other hand, you can manage this theme with live customizer which includes many options. We suggest it to bloggers, internet marketers and authors who need content focused and stylish blot platform.

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