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IndiGamer is a creative gaming theme by CSSIgniter team. It is released for WordPress bloggers and review writers who are involved in this niche. The custom layout gives you option to start a blog to share gaming news and updates. If you are affiliate marketers then you can also start gaming reviews site. Even if you don’t want to do affiliate marketing, then you can use adsense and other banners to generate income.

IndiGamer CSSIgniter - Gaming Reviews WordPress Theme

The dark and bold color skins makes it ideal for gaming and entertainment websites. The theme looks gorgeous in demo preview, as it shows custom background image and colorful typography. This is only one side, you can turn it to any look with CSSIgniter options panel.

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IndiGamer WordPress Theme : Frontpage Elements

The homepage has 3 different homepage layouts, so you can choose any one from the page attributes list. If you don’t like what you see in demo then you can also select blog or any other page as homepage. CSSIgniter provides custom page builder support to give you freedom to develop pages on your own.

Homepage Slider : The very first element that is found on homepage is the slideshow. Mostly, we see a slideshow for all modern websites so we shouldn’t miss this feature for gaming blog too. The back-end slider offers you options to control how many posts and what is displayed as slideshow. You can assign any review to be featured in slider. The reviews listing page contains a check box which adds current post to slider, if you check it manually.

Slideshow - IndiGamer

The slider width, transition speed, navigation buttons and all stuff are manageable. You will see dotted buttons on slider with thumbnails list (bottom) on bottom area. So visitors can either see all slides in automatic mode. Or you can click on navigation arrows or thumbnails to see desired slide on the screen instantly.

Homepage Sections : IndiGamer theme provides two homepage sections called Reviews and Blog. These sections are connected to main pages which shows blog posts and game reviews. The homepage options panel enables you to define custom title and number of total posts for both of these areas. You can also use custom sidebar widgets, background style and much more.

Showing latest contents on homepage can be good opportunity to attract visitors. The slider can be used to share top gaming reviews that is popular and trending. Visitors will easily get involved into reading game news or reviews as they land on the frontpage. Thanks to featured image support, excerpt and “Read more” button which shows all post entries in nice way.

IndiGamer Home Sections -Reviews and Blog Posts

Page Layouts and Contents : IndiGamer Gaming Theme

Reviews Content Type : Listing detailed reviews is not possible if you don’t have professional review plugin. That’s why, IndiGamer comes with it’s won review listing system. Once you add reviews listing page from editor, then you can begin adding reviews for for all games and other items. When you use this special post type, then it will show all the reviews under single page.

The reviews listing field allows yo to add Good and Bad aspects of the game. Hence, visitors can know your rating about music, graphics and game play. Once you offer score for all 3 aspects then it will automatically calculate average score out of 10.

Reviews Post - IndiGamer

News / Blog Page : After homepage and reviews section, this is another best section to share all general news. If you are just starting a gaming blog then you will be listing all your articles on this page. The reviews section is optional so it is upto you to use it or leave it. The blog listing page will show all post entries that you add from standard post editor.

The homepage section will show latest posts from blog and reviews page as defined from options panel.

News Blog Page - IndiGamer CSSIgniter

Custom Widgets : All page sections that you encounter in demo is shown as standard requirements. You can have more pages like contact, about, or anything as needed. This gaming WordPress theme offers custom sidebar options and many widgets. So homepage, blog, reviews and all pages can have unique sidebar. You can also keep sidebar off for those pages which needs full-width space.

Other Details : CSSIgniter Games Blog

Footer Widgets : The footer is global widget area which is found on the bottom from all sections. That means, gamers can show custom links, banners, contacts, social updates and all best stuff in there. The sidebar is also widely noticed widget area as it appears besides contents and pages. So games bloggers can earn good advertisement profit, and many page-views by placing widgets in right position.

Footer Widgets - IndiGamer Games Theme

Powerful Options IndiGamer WordPress theme is prepared to work in any style with custom options. The back-end panel provides you ready visual panel so that you can change background image, color skin, fonts style, layouts and everything. This one panel can control home sections, slider, and everything that comes in the way to customization.

CSSIgniter supports custom logo and header menu which becomes important for connectivity. You can assign a logo as image or use simple text with optional tag-line. The navigation bar shows all links that you select for primary menu. So user should be able to check links for all pages from within header. The built-in shortcodes, comments options, and responsive design are best features too.

Header Menu - IndiGamer Responsive Theme

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