Marquee AudioTheme : Music Theme With Split Screen Layout

Marquee is the first music WordPress theme having split screen and fast loading layout. AudioTheme has invested lots of time and efforts to develop such a theme that would load smoothly in all conditions. Before you read this review, I would suggest you to check out full demo to know about unique features. We just love this theme for it’s fast loading style which shows page first and then shows contents as it is loaded.

Marquee AudioTheme - Split Screen Music WordPress Theme

So visitors don’t have to wait for the entire page to load first to browse contents. It will speed up browsing speed and also boost overall performance. If you really want to create SEO friendly music website with low bounce rate and high traffic then here is the solution.

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Marquee Theme : Features That Worth

Split Screen Layout : The advanced layout makes this music theme a great solution for musicians and modern internet users. The split screen layouts shares entire screen into two parts : half on left and half on right. The left portion is used as header area to display logo, menu toggle and audio player. The right portion is used as content area which shows gigs, blog, and everything that you browse on site.

The left part is static and it is always visible in fixed mode. No matter where your user is, he should be always able to see header logo, background image and navigation links throughout entire site. That means, whatever contents as integrated on header is always visible to the visitors.

Marquee Off-screen sidebar panel

Header Options : The header let’s you implement custom logo and tag-line message to leave a long lasting impression into fans mind. You can add text logo or use brand image to reveal custom identity for your business. Many band, orchestra and musicians would prefer to use unique logo image to create branding for their music business. Besides that, you can implement a full-width featured image for background section like demo.

Though it is not compulsory, you can also use solid color or keep it plain elegant which depends on you. The header includes navigation button (top left) and media player on the bottom with playlist toggle button. While browsing Marquee in responsive mode, it shifts header to the top from left area. Hence, it will convert two columns layout into single column. Resize your browser to check how it works on mobile or you can load demo on small screen devices.

Over all this is best responsive music theme that covers all modern and basic features for music site.

Gigs Listing Page - Marquee

Other Top Features : AudioTheme Music Theme

Navigation Menus : The left side of the screen shows a toggle button (top left) to access navigation system. It includes primary and secondary navigation so you should be bale to add two menus for header area. Hence, this is good way to add links for Gigs Page, Videos, Albums, Blog, Archive pages and more.

The primary menu is shown on the top and secondary menu on the bottom, so you can assign them with custom links of your choice. Along with that, Marquee WordPress theme offers social navigation bar support for header. So any one can access your social profiles right from the header area. This is best menu location to add more fans to your social pages.

Marquee Responsive Music Band Theme

Site-Wide Audio Player : The theme has total 2 off-screen panels which can be toggled to see navigation bar and site-wide player. We already talked about navigation menu and not it’s turn to check out music player. The bottom header always shows audio player with default tack and plat-list toggle. It can play music all the time while browsing pages. You won’t feel interruption in music streaming while switching from one page to another.

Because header is static and it is never reloaded while switching from one page to another page. You have to install “Cue Bar” (bu AudioTheme) plugin which provides a music player with play-list management options.

Marquee Sitewide Player

Homepage Sections : If you use Marquee in default mode then it just shows recent blog posts in homepage. So you need to create custom homepage to display featured sections as demo preview. This band music WordPress theme has custom featured widget sections for homepage region. So you can use those built-in widgets to add Music albums, Upcoming gigs, Calls to action, Video, Newsletter signup form or other stuff.

The flexible homepage design can easily create a conversation focused layout. Hence, you can get lots of leads for music albums, future gigs or get more fans through social media features.

Marquee Home Widget Blocks

Other Benefits and Conclusion :

Customizer Options : This single options page loads all Marquee theme features with preview box. So you have got easy way to setup custom layout, color skins, background, header, typography and much more. AudioTheme has added “Fast Page Loading” feature into this theme in optional mode. If you enable this feature then your website will load easily just like mobile apps. It loads contents in the background and shows them on page as it finish loading contents. So user don’t need to wait for pages to load everything.

Marquee Customize Theme options

This feature creates seamless listening environment when combined with Marquee‘s site-wide player. Customizer takes few moments to edit settings for Menus, Cue players, Colors, and all other theme options. So novice users can also enjoy managing their own site without any coding skill. Marquee doesn’t require you to hire a developer to start and control music website. The ready options and flexibility makes it most powerful theme for WordPress CMS.

Responsive layout always keeps Marquee into proper functioning mode. So user never loose contact with navigation system, nor they can to scroll much to browse content sections. Menu, images, videos, header and everything instantly adapt to user’s view port in just single moment.

DiscographyListing - Marquee AudioTheme

AudioTheme plugin is required to be installed and activated to take benefit of all music features that is visible in demo. If you want to create pages for gigs listing, albums listing, and videos listing then you need to enable this plugin. Once it is activated then you can add all upcoming events, concert videos, music albums and much more.

Thanks to developers for offering Site-wide music player, archive page options (multiple columns and filter navigation), and custom widgets. We suggest this music theme to all bands, singers, and musicians who needs personal blog or professional business site. It can help you promote music albums, sell event tickets and do much more with custom listing options.

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