Twotone AudioTheme : Band Music WordPress Theme for Singers

Twotone by AudioTheme is a WordPress theme for music industry professionals. This theme echoes your voice through featured images and unique style. The theme let’s you add custom header background image for front-page and all pages. Not only that, you can also select font style, color skins, background and more. The options panel helps you to select color for each and every part that you encounter within them structure.

Twotone Demo - AudioTheme WordPress Music Theme for DJ Singers Bands

So all DJs, Singers, and musicians can take full benefit of Two tone theme to develop a professional website. It can prove great business companion to promote music gigs, albums and personal news. The theme easily integrates with social media icons menu to add more followers in your fan base. Not only that, site owners can create a custom header menu to let visitors to check-out blog, videos, photos, albums and every part easily.

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This is best WordPress music theme ever that consist of modern features with engaging design. Let’s check out some key features and options included in this Band Music template.

Top Features Overview : Twotone AudioTheme

Custom Headers : Twotone always keeps you out of box from competitors as it has large header area and customization options. The header let’s you upload custom background image which can reveal your music or business brand in intuitive way. Not only that, you can also add logo image in text or image form along with tag-line.

The Customizer will help you to set a featured image that appears everywhere on header. Though, you also get the option to add custom header image for every page for personalized look. So video page, gallery page, gigs page and every other page section will look awesome when you add a stunning background style.

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Twotone Header Image Customizer

Alternatively, you can also pick solid background color for header area instead of using image. Then after, you can adjust header text color for title, audio player and navigation. The color picker box provides 2 options to select header text and background color. At the same time, you can also select header overlay opacity level which applies background color over header image.

Responsive : Music websites are mostly visited by tablet, smart phones and other handy devices. So you must have to create such a dynamic music website that responds to all screen types. Search engines also recommend to create fully responsive websites to get maximum traffic and good SEO rank. This requirement is already covered during development phase, so you don’t need to do anything to make your sites work on small screen devices.

Twotone Responsive

If you resize browser window then it will show you proof of it’s responsiveness. It automatically resize header background size, featured images, videos, menu bar, audio player and everything as per viewers screen size.

Twotone Homepage and Other Features :

Site-Wide Music Player : AudioTheme has introduced “Cue” plugin which gives you a music player with options to create custom play lists. Hence, you just have to setup this plugin to add a sitewide audio player into site. You can either make it visible for entire site or just for homepage area (bottom header). User can see current track on the top. And rest of the tracks can be seen by clicking play-list toggle.

Custom Header with Cue Player - Twotone

Homepage Template : Twotone WordPress theme can work in flexible mode, so you can choose to create a widgetized homepage in desired way. If you just need a music blog and nothing much then it helps you to display “Latest Posts” on homepage area. As per the demo preview, we can assume that it has a big hero section where singers can add call-to-action in bold style.

The customizer options panel enables you to establish a full-height header which fills entire browser window. Right below the header region, there is a 2 column widget area which helps you to present widgets. From widget management page, you can drag and drop widgets to display news, videos, upcoming gigs, records, and other stuff.

Administrator can arrange widgets in any order and add/remove widgets any time as required. This way, you can always promote latest albums, offers, contacts or other stuff without wasting much time.

AudioTheme Music Features :

Twotone will require you to setup AudioTheme plugin to get access to all music related features that is visible in demo. Once this plugin is activated then you can easily list, manage and edit Gigs, Tracks, Videos, Venues, Records etc. We will check-out preview of single pages so you can get idea on how your gigs, albums and other pages would look.

Single Gigs Page : Every entry that you add from gigs section will enable you to insert full details bout concert or music shows. The listing fields will help you to add featured image, Venue address, Tickets information (Price/Links), time and location. The theme offers bonus google maps feature which automatically generate location map from the address details.

Twotone Gigs Listing Preview

Records Listing : Single records listing page shows list of all music tracks for your new album. You can easily add new records post to show selected tracks with album cover, title and other details. Along with that, it helps you to add custom store links for iTunes, Amazon and other sites. Visitors can easily listen to music tracks as it has built-in audio player. As a result, you can sell more albums and generate revenue by selling music tacks online.

Records Listing - Twotone AudioTheme

Conclusion : Same way, blog page also helps for promotion and to share latest news from business desk. The blog page is utilized to post updates about new albums, upcoming music concert or special offers. Some musicians use blog for content marketing and some people just use Twotone theme to create blog to communicate with fans. Additionally, you can add gallery, and video sections to share media elements.

Two Tone Color Customization Options

You can add single or multiple columns layout for all music listing archive pages. Apart from that, you can also add category navigation menu so which filters out contents by selecting given links. This is really best premium, WordPress music theme that covers basic to advanced features. Thanks to customizer which simplify customization without coding skill.

I suggest this music theme to Singers, Bands, Orchestra, Music studios and all types of small or big entertainment professionals.

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