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MH Impact is a WordPress business theme for small and medium business organizations by MH Themes. This premium business template brings a flat and clear design that easily stick to visitor’s eye. Apart from that, it also provides padding around content sections for clear reading experience. Therefore, whatever you put on homepage content area gets clear and fine visibility.

MH Impact WordPress Theme - MH Themes

If you are running a service based business or It firm or any product manufacturing business then it is for you. It is good for all business types and different niches. So you need this single WP theme to create a business website that promotes all your services, price plans, products and everything.

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Why MH Impact WordPress Theme for Business ?

You will have lots of options while deciding to choose best business theme for WordPress. But, this theme comes as first preference for all user types. The theme is supported by 8 custom content widgets that is specifically developed for this theme by developers. So you will see a clear way to customize homepage design in anyway as required by your business. The widget optimized structure helps you to move contents in any order without coding work.

So novice business users don’t need to spend extra money on programmer for web design. Professional web developers can also use widgets and save time to create their client’s website. Overall, it is a truly flexible business theme covering modern features for customization. When you choose professional design for business website then you automatically get readers to check all information.

Responsive - MH Impact Business Theme

It’s really hard to retain client’s on your website with poor design. But, MH Impact theme acquires best content widgets, customizable header and styling options. So whatever you put in content areas or pages or pages automatically becomes attractive. If we talk about options panel then it covers all general as well as colors, typography and other options.

Thanks to responsive design that maintains auto resized structure on smallest devices also. So user can view slider, images, price plans or any content from mobile devices also. Responsive business themes can increase number of visitors and optimize website for better ranking for all search engines.

8 Homepage Widgets : MH Themes

Frontpage Overview : The homepage structure is crafted to display widget sections and contents from page editor. So “Home 1” and “Home 2” are widget areas which shows all selected widgets in desired order. If you put any plain or HTML text or shortcodes from page editor then it appears between both these widget sections. The demo here uses only widget sections to display core business details like intro, calls to action, products, services, price plans and latest blog post sections.

MH Impact Homepage Widgets

MH Themes provide 8 best custom widgets which are used to create demo and you can use same widgets too. We will now take a quick overview at all eight widgets to see how they are useful for business organizations.

MH Slider : This widget will provide you options to crate custom slideshow for homepage. You will find options to choose contents, featured images, title, URL and other stuff within options panel. The slider can display any posts from tags, and categories. There is a limit for number of slides which can be highlighted in slideshow.

So you will be limited to add only upto 5 custom slides. Clicking the slide takes user to source link, so you can set it to open in same or new window. The big slider size requires you to upload featured images in certain size as stated within documentation. And when you add content as stated then you will see an attractive slideshow showing offers, discounts or what you want to show.

MH Slider Widget - Impact

MH Call to Action : Many times you need to navigate visitors to service, offers or special product showcase pages. This widget enables you to insert a calls to action box with bold fonts and stylish button. The left portion of this widget block shows space to add main and sub title. The right side shows a button with custom text and link that you will link visitors to specific page.

MH Call to Action Widget - MH Themes

Other Content Widgets : MH Impact Theme

MH Custom Pages : Business people can utilize this widget to highlight their top pages on homepage. It shows 3 pages with single widget sections so you can only show 3 pages and use multiple widgets to highlight more pages on homepage. The options will ask you to provide page ID number separated by comma. Apart from that, you can display each page entry with excerpts and thumbnails (round).

MH Custom Pages Widget - MH Business Theme

MH Buttons : This widget shows two big buttons with custom background color and bold font style. Along with that you can also add icons which is supported by “Font Awesome Icon”. It has purpose to link user to specific page just like calls to action. So you can enter short text and links which navigate user to specific page. It proves useful to divert user on contact page, registration page or booking page etc.

MH Buttons Widget - MH Impact Corporate Theme

MH Pricing Tables : Business and service providers need this widget to promote their price plans, service packages and products. This widget helps you to show the best features, price and benefits of your service or products. The price table widget has fields to display title, price, and benefits or plan features. Apart from that, you can add custom URL (optional) to link visitors to any page. If you are selling online plans then you can add link to purchase page or contact page or any other section.

MH Pricing Table Widget - MH Impact

MH Google Maps : MH Impact WordPress theme is dedicated to communicate with visitors in efficient way. Therefore, it brings a maps widget that permits you to insert location detail with map preview. So visitors can easily find your location and get in touch with your office. The setup process will require you to enter address in Google maps and get Map embed code by clicking share button.

You need to copy/paste the iframe embed code URL into widgets field to add business location map on your site. Additionally, you can also add custom text to highlight phone, email, office physical address etc.

MH Google Maps Widget - MH Themes

More Details and Conclusion :

MH Blog Widget : Business website should be displaying business feature as well as latest news on homepage area. Not all visitors would prefer to check blog section manually. So if you choose widget for homepage then you can highlight a few latest featured posts from blog section. As a result, homepage visitors can automatically check latest news items and get latest updates for your business.

MH Blog widget - MH Impact

Other Benefits : Apart from above mentioned widgets, you can also use custom text widget to insert shortcodes elements. You are advised to use only custom widgets which are made for homepage. The footer has 3 widget sections and header area has options to add primary menu and logo with tag-line. The top header will show phone number on left side and social links menu on right.

Header Layouts - MH Impact

If we talk bout page layouts then you can add sidebar on left or right. The single blog post layout let’s you highlight author box, social share links, related posts, post navigation bar, comments and other elements. If we need a multi-purpose business WordPress theme then MH Impact can prove best choice.

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