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MH Squared WordPress theme is a responsive magazine theme for blogs, news and journal type websites. It is a product of MH Themes which is famous for developing top quality magazine and blog templates. Many WordPress theme stores provide journal themes in small price or free of cost. But they often fail to provide what is needed to succeed in SEO.

MH Squared Demo - MH Themes Magazine WordPress Theme

When you choose MH Themes then you get WordPress themes that with light weight design, clear readability and easy to use options. And not all other themes are powered by these many advanced features that is found in this one.

MH Edition Theme Review : MH Themes

MH Squared WordPress Theme Frontpage

Building a creative and content ready homepage is first most priority for most of the magazine portals. Whether you create single or multi niche site, you need to place all top stories on homepage in appealing mode. That’s why, MH Themes decided to create widgetized front-page layout for all WordPress themes. So you can choose to display posts from custom categories from popular topics.

The theme just let’s you add any widget so you are not only limited to display stories but also add calls to action, banner, YouTube videos and more. MH Squared WordPress theme has custom content widgets so you can display big featured post, grid section, multiple posts, and slider. The custom widgets list simplifies the process of adding contents on homepage area.

MH Magazine Review – MH Themes

MH Squared Homepage Widgets

Widgets are developed with custom options so yo can just choose categories, tags and other settings. And then it will automatically keep featuring recent posts or other contents as defined in widgets options panel. Another best point we liked about this theme is custom background options so you can either choose a full-screen background image for entire site or choose solid color or choose none.

MH Squared Theme : Top Features

Custom Sidebar Support : You will see a sidebar in all other WordPress themes but this theme has custom sidebar for homepage and other areas. So whatever you add for homepage sidebar gets displayed for only homepage visitors. So it’s good place to share special banners, category links, newsletter box or whatever widgets would work great.

Similarly, you are free to place custom widgets for another sidebar that is visible for posts and pages only. So this is another sidebar location which is shown while reading articles or accessing archive pages. If you are an internet marketer or blogger then you can use sidebar to earn revenue and promote contents. Widget areas are most easiest way to share recent posts, hot topics, comments and other stuff.

Widget Areas - MH Squared Sidebar  Footer

Header Elements : If you haven’t browsed MH Squared demo then I would suggest you to browse it while reading this review. Words are not enough to explain power and beauty of this magazine theme. Once you watch demo then you will find it hard to resist bold font style and featured layout. Now let me tell you that header has 2 menus, one logo and a banner widget section.

The top right corner shows a “News Ticket” section if yo enable it from options page. This news ticker keep rotating news post headlines just like professional news websites. Whatever tags or categories that you choose here is used to fetch story lines for news ticker section. This is a good place to share hot news, trending stories or those articles that worth watching by every visitor.

Header Newsticker and Menus - MH Squared

MH Themes Magazine Theme : Final Lines

Single Post : Most of the people come on homepage or archive page first but finally they have to come on single post. So what you display with articles can have big impact on website success. This magazine blog theme shows banner on the top and bottom of articles.

You can also choose to highlight list of tags, Next / Previous posts navigation bar, Author detail box etc. That’s not the end, it also provides “Related Posts” section to display couple of great stories from same topic of current post. If your readers want to discuss with author then they can use comments section to interactive wit author and other users.

Single Post - Top Area MH Squared

If you browse entire site including homepage and single posts then you will see lots of widget areas and Ad spots. The footer includes 3 columns section to promote best widgets and extra above section to promote social media links. This WordPress magazine template is optimized with Ad spots that covers top and bottom of homepage and single posts.

So you will be getting Ad clicks and good revenue from all parts of the site. The theme design is flexible and made in such a way that you can display ads on header, sidebar, footer, between homepage articles, into single posts and everywhere. You will not feel any disturbance because of Ad spots as they will easily blend seamlessly with contents.

Bottom Single Post -  MH Themes

If you closely check design then you will notice that widget section titles are highlighted in custom accent colors. You will also see on hover effect for links and headings. The MH Squared WordPress theme panel offers customization support with user friendly environment. So you will see color styling, typography, background, page layouts, header, single posts and many options in one place.

This is best responsive mobile friendly WP theme for adsense blogs and professional magazine sites. It should work for marketeers, photo bloggers, and all other content sharing sites.

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