Thrive Themes Performag : Best Magazine WordPress Theme

Meet Performag : The first real magazine WordPress theme from Thrive Themes. The reason why we call this theme a true magazine theme is because it does provide a great set of features. Most of the average magazine templates are just optimized to give you a look and feel of magazine.

This WordPress theme is not only designed to look like a magazine template but also gives you excellent collection of advanced features. Hence, writers and content marketers can take full benefit of their magazine type website.

Performag WordPress Theme Screenshot - Homepage

Even if you happen to need simple blog layout then you are getting a blog page within this theme. As we all know that Thrive Themes has custom options panel and page builder, so you are never put into limitation.

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What’s Best About Performag Thrive Themes ?

There is no single entity which makes it a perfect magazine WordPress theme. But we can definitely say that, there are certain features which makes it a best WordPress magazine theme. If you take a quick tour on live demo and try browsing different sections then you can learn much more instantly. For e.g. header area includes advanced MegaMenu feature. The homepage and blog page has social sharing buttons and large feature image entries.

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Blog - Performag Thrive Themes

Apart from that, you will see Ajax loading feature that quickly loads posts for many sections. If you lover sidebar then it has plenty of custom features that enables you to display featured posts, banners, custom links and more. There are many areas where you can insert banners and Ads to boost revenue. In-short we can say that, Performag WordPress theme is fully capable to deliver best engagement rate with readers.

Latest Posts Ajax Loading - Performag Theme

In-terms of administration, you will see ready to get options and custom widgets. So there is no need to add plugins for any basic or regular tasks. Though, it works with all 3rd party plugins which might be required in your case. For e.g. some people use Yoast and All in SEO plugin for SEO management. You can not make a magazine portal just by placing a few post categories on homepage.

Performag Thrive Themes - Responsive Magazine Theme

Instead, you have to pick right homepage design and layout style that would display content in real magazine style. Therefore, user can not only access best articles but also find something worth reading according to their interest. Let’s check why this WordPress theme can be your first choice.

Performag Theme : Features Review

User Engagement : If you your website fail to properly engage with visitors then you can surely not get more readers. So first and foremost task for any magazine or news portal is to create appealing design. Using this WordPress theme you can easily improve reading and content browsing experience. If you look over homepage then it has several category blocks that highlights multiple post entries. Each section shows big headings and featured images to attract visitors attention.

Featured Posts - Performag Front page

Same way, if you land over single post then it shows “Featured Post” entries with attractive thumbnails. That means, user can still view latest or popular posts while reading content on single article. If you go on the very bottom area of single post then you will again see “Latest Posts” section with 4 columns grid. This section will allow user to browse more interesting articles as they finish reading current one.

This latest post section section uses “Infinite Loading Feature” which loads posts automatically. So visitors can keep scrolling to the bottom until they find something best for their interest. Performag theme allows you to use same ajax auto loading feature for blog section also. So user can easily browse plenty of featured post entries in short time. This new pagination doesn’t refresh entire page so user doesn’t have to wait for next page to load on the screen.

Header MegaMenu - Performag

These features can not only improve browsing speed but also keep user on the site for long time. With this type of design, user always finds something on sidebar, footer or around contents. So they never feel like to leave your site so easily especially when they don’t know what to browse.

Thrive Themes : Monetize Features

Ad Management : A news or magazine WordPress theme always comes with content sharing and basic features. Very few themes provide built-in ad management options. But, Performag theme provides you a special section where you can create and insert ads into your website. The back-end panel will show you “Thrive Ad Group” section which allows you to create multiple Ad groups with user friendly panel.

Thrive Ad Group Backend options - Performag

So you just have to choose Ad location, for e.g. if you want to display Ads in content then you can specify where you want to display banner. At the beginning of article, or After X paragraphs or After X images or at the end of the post.

In addition to that, administrators can also choose Ad targeting sections by specifying where ads will appear. For e.g. you can choose to display ads into pages or posts. If you select posts then you can further specify certain tags or categories. If these much freedom is available for advertisement then you can definitely earn good revenue.

Advertisement Into Posts - Performag

For those people who wants to display category related ads can take full advantage of this feature. You can also choose to use Adsense, Affiliate marketing and various types of ad programs within your magazine portal. Whether you run small blog or large content sharing site, this feature can surely give you opportunity to earn huge revenue.

Other Features and Final Words :

Performag WordPress theme has been socially optimized to rip all benefits of social media sharing. If you check out homepage featured entries, and blog featured posts then it shows social sharing options. For home featured category you will see social share count and you have to hover mouse to see sharing buttons. And blog section directly shows social share buttons with each featured post entry.

Social sharing buttons - Signle Posts

If you load any article from live demo then again you will social media sharing buttons on the top near title. As you start scrolling down on post, it will show you floating navigation bar with sharing buttons. And again it will turn social floating bar into navigation menu when you reach at the bottom of article. We can assume that when readers see sharing buttons everywhere around contents they would definitely share your links.

This way, you are getting your contents shared on big social platforms without paying any money. Just write good stuff and readers will take care of the rest. The social share will boost traffic and also generate social signals that is good for SEO.

Single Post - Below Post Area - Performag

The bottom of single post can display focus section where you can add newsletter, banner or anything that you like. Apart from that, administrator can also display Author box, Next/Previous posts right below all articles. The footer and sidebar both are nice places to add all great widgets and share great stuff easily.

The theme also has a slideshow gallery post type which is helpful to share photo gallery with readers. I just want to say that Performag should be primary choice for every one who want to create authority magazine or news style.

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