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Meet Voice WordPress Theme which is a unique WordPress blogging theme from Thrive Themes. This theme is capable to improve your authorship with it’s stunning journal platform design. Developers has used all new blog design features to make this theme as much effective as possible. You may have seen most of the blog templates with header on top and list view post on homepage. But this theme is going to chance traditional blog concept with it’s newly Headerless Design.

Voice Review Thrive Themes - Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme

Thrive Themes WordPress themes are already popular in market for it’s easy customization features and SEO based code quality. And this theme is going to add one more benefit with it’s new blog design. Not only that, you are also going to get a new collection of short code elements. So you can easily add vertical tabs, drop caps, animated counters, countdown timers, progress bars, and other stuff into posts and pages.

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This way, you can easily generate appealing sales page, landing page, service section and review articles. Whether you need affiliate marketing platform, simple blog or media rich website, Voice WordPress theme is for every one.

Voice Thrive Themes : Top Features Review

I already claimed that this WordPress blog theme has advanced features and unique design. So I must prove that to support my statement. Now, I explain you each feature with full detail so you can get exact idea about what I am saying. You will demo screen-shot with each feature so you are not only going to swim into text paragraphs.

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Header Free Design : The header-less blog layout will give you website a totally new look by removing header from top area. Hence, all top area free space is going to be utilized for your content. As a result, you are going to see main navigation menu, logo and widgets on the sidebar. The left side of the screen shows a static sidebar that never moves with page scroll event.

Voice Theme - Sidbear Screenshot

So user is always going to be in touch with your navigation system. Though, user can surely scroll through widget section which provides scroll support. So bloggers can use multiple widgets to share recent and popular post entries. The top area of the sidebar highlights logo image which has been uploaded by website owner from options panel.

The second header element of Voice WordPress theme is Author box. This section shows author image and detail, which is optional. On hovering mouse on author box, you will see text bubble with Author box filled with biography, “Read more link” (author intro page), and Social media buttons. You can also display different author photo in this box, especially when you start multi-author blog.

Right below that, you can display website detail or tag-line message if you add one along with logo. The magnifier icon is called search box where use can enter text to find contents on your site. The “3 Vertical Bars” button shows is called menu button which shows and hides menu on the sidebar. This menu design is compatible for desktop and mobile or any handy devices.

Author Box and Navigation Menu Button - Voice Thrive Themes

Other Details : Sidebar Elements

Bottom Widgets : The sidebar bottom section provides space to display couple of useful widgets. This section accepts any widget that you require so you can add banners, latest posts, categories or whatever works for you. Some bloggers may also add contacts, email and custom text in widget area. As most of the header and widgets are gathered on the left sidebar area, you are getting ample space for your website.

If you see Thrive Themes Voice demo then it shows large featured images and wide space for each article. When you have more space for content body area then you can use large heading fonts, good line spacing and big featured images. And that’s what is really necessary to improve engagement with readers. If you are into marketing field or entertainment blogging then you can take big advantage of this content friendly layout.

Sidebar Background Options - Voice Thrive Themes

Custom Sidebar Background : The sidebar is static part of the website which is always visible. So it needs to look clear yet stylish to the visitor’s eye. That’s why Thrive Themes has offered you sidebar background styling option where you can choose color or image. Any static background image or color style that you select is visible for all areas for sidebar background.

To make your site more effective, you can also switch to use dynamic sidebar background style. This feature let’s you use custom background image for every post and page. So whatever image you set as featured image for posts or pages are automatically used for sidebar.

Single Post Features :

When you are starting a blog or any content sharing junction then you must know that user always reach on articles at last. So what contents you use for single post can have good impact on page-views and engagement experience. Not only that, it can also affect your adsense or affiliate income revenue. If we talk about single post features for Voice WordPress theme then it has few but very important features.

Thrive Themes provides breadcrumb feature so user can know the path of current post and easily navigate to any previous page. The top of the screen will show you social sharing bar in floating mode. That means, readers can easily share your posts on facebook, twitter or any social sites. The Bottom of the post will show you a “Focus Section”. This is built-in feature of offered with mist of the Thrive Themes templates.

Single Post Features - Voice Thrive Themes

This section let’s you add banner, newsletter or any call to action block right below your articles. So user easily becomes engaged with whatever is shown at the end of the page. In addition to that, it also shows a comment box and Next/Previous post entries on the very bottom region.

If you are a blogger who is in search of a best premium WordPress blogging theme then it’s here. When you start your blog journey with mobile and SEO ready design then you have already win the half battle. And rest is upto your action, so just take action to choose Voice theme for your next blog. And see how it boosts your readers and monetization profit.

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