Pressive Thrive Themes : Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Are you a Business professional or an Internet marketers ? then meet Pressive WordPress Theme by Thrive Themes. This amazing WP theme is great all rounder theme for all WordPress users who needs a dynamic business site or marketing portal.

This WordPress theme offers you support for custom homepage layouts and page builder options. So you never have to buy another theme as you can generate blog, marketing site and business site from single template.

Pressive Screenshot - Multipurpose WordPress theme by Thrive Themes

Why Thrive Themes Pressive ?

What we love so much about this premium WordPress theme is versatility. It offers a bunch of great options list where you can find ready to use options to create engaging pages. Whether it is homepage, landing page or any other page, you will see options for all areas. The coding work and theme design is performed with marketing and corporate professionals in mind. So your site made with Pressive WordPress theme is going to get huge benefit for SEO.

Storied Review : Thrive Themes Blog Theme

A simple website can never win client’s hear and too stylish website can dilute readability. That’s why developer came up with a middle solution where style is interacted in such a way that your content never go out of visitor’s attention. If you look over demo then you will see lots of bold heading fonts, and clearly visible text in featured sections.

Responsive Busines Blog Theme - Pressive Demo

Despite using custom background style like solid color and images, you will still see a very clearly readable sections. If we talk about core page sections then you can add custom homepage, blog page, landing page, contact page and more if you want. Every page and post has full control, so you are not forced to apply globe/default settings to entire site.

Thrive Themes : Homepage Building Process

Thrive Builder : As I said that Thrive WordPress themes are provided with custom builder options. So you are not going to use 3rd party page builder plugins. You will see Thrive Builder Options within editor screen which is options. So next time, when you need a highly engaging landing page or custom homepage for business, then you are at ease. Once you load page builder, then it shows you list of all available options on the right of the screen.

Thrive Content Builder - Pressive Theme

Administrator just have to click once to add sections like Columns, Rows etc. Then you can fill each section with buttons, images, videos, Custom CSS, Icons and many other stuff. The page builder panel will show you all available elements at the time of customization. All I can say is that you will find more than what you may require to build an SEO friendly and content focused site.

Homepage Layout : This is another part of Pressive WordPress theme which is found under Thrive Options panel. Once you load this tab from options panel then it will give you button to Enable custom layout for homepage area. It has two more options where in first step you have to choose the page to apply custom layout. And second option will allow you to Add blocks from the ready list.

Home Layout Options - Pressive

The blocks list allows you to display Featured Posts, Recent posts (from all / selected categories), Image posts, Video posts and more. So bloggers and content writers are most likely to prefer this way to create custom homepage. Though you can also go for Thrive Builder to add custom calls to action blocks. All I want to say is that, you don’t need to spend so much time and money to develop engaging site on your own.

Pressive Main Features Review :

Thrive Opt-in : Whether you start online service, business site or marketing blog, you always require to add Opt-in into your site. Therefore, Thrive Themes developers has integrated built-in system where you can generate multiple Opt-in blocks. The Opt-in builder screen will allow you to insert custom HTML code that is provided by your email service provider.

This way, you can create and add more Opt-in boxes and use them at different place on your site. As a result, you can reach your goal to build an email database list user list that is interested in your blog topics or products or services.

Opt-In Feature - Pressive Thrive Themes

Focus Areas : Once you are done making Opt-In blocks then you have to decide where will you show it. That’s where Focus Area comes into the play with lots of freedom. Thrive Themes has included multiple places for focus areas. So you can choose to display custom focus blocks on the top, below post and between blog posts. However, this feature is not only limited to display email subscriber forms only.

Pressive WordPress theme has bunch of pre-made focus templates so administrator can click and edit them as required. The “Custom Design” option helps you to generate a unique focus template where you can use custom short-codes to add columns, buttons and other stuff as required. This feature is highly recommended for those people who wants to promote affiliate products, banners, sell books etc. Not only that, you can also choose this feature to promote social links, newsletter box or to promote your services.

Pressive Blog Page

Thrive Themes : Best Options

Post/Page Options : While editing single posts or page, you will see a set of custom options on the bottom of page editor screen. This is the section where you can define your choice for breadcrumb, opt-ins, and more. So whatever you define on single post/page will override the settings which has been defined in options panel under Global Settings.

That means, if you have set sidebar for all pages and don’t need it for specific pages then you can set that preference from post editor. It’s really easy to personalize each section of the site with Thrive options.

Thrive Options Panel : I already gave you little idea about theme options panel. But let me elaborate deep so you can learn more about what you can do with this multi-purpose theme. Pressive theme includes General tab where you can set logo, favicon and define preference for breadcrumb, comments and other stuff. When you click on “Style” tab then it will revel options for color schemes (ready list), sidebar alignment, (Left/Right), and Custom CSS box.

ThriveThemes Settings - Pressive

Other options tab includes Blog settings, Analytic settings (for tracking), and Performance section. If you get too many comments for your pages then you can use performance option canned “Lazy Load Comment”. This feature will only load comments when user scroll down on pages. So those pages with thousands of the page will easily load at great speed as comment it not loaded without page scrolling.

Conclusion : Pressive Review

The new feature introduced in this theme will make speechless for it’s amazing capability. Yes, I am talking about custom title section which let’s you add custom block on the top of page or post. This feature gives you text box to add custom introduction on the top of any page. So visitors can easily get details about what they are going to read from particular page.

Lazy Load Comments Feature - Pressive

Along with that, you can also apply custom style to each custom title section by selecting any background style. You can either choose solid color or use Image background by selecting overlay or Dotted Pattern style. Worlds are not enough to describe strength of this theme but I tried my best to explain it through my own imagination. For more details please read product page details and see demo to watch everything in action.

I just suggest this responsive WordPress theme for business marketing, blogging and all purpose. If you are have been in search of a flexible and budget based WordPress theme then it’s here. Just grab this theme to create website that works on tablet, mobile and all devices with great responsive design.

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