Themify Shoppe – Best Responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme

Shoppe is a modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme by Themify. It is a multi-purpose eCommerce template that fits to all types of shops. Whether you need diamond jewellery shop, lifestyle product store or any kind of shop, it works for all. If you think of using traditional method to create online shop then you need to spend money develop your own shopping cart site. Moreover, it is expensive and time wasting process to hire programmer to create and maintain eCommerce shop.

Shoppe Themify WooCommerce eCommerce WordPress Theme

Therefore, Themify though to introduced a WordPress based eCommerce theme. Shoppe WordPress is capable to support novice and advanced user types. It has custom layouts for header, footer, blog page, shop page, single page and all sections. The theme gives you ready to use layout with Themify Builder options. So you need single click to choose and import data for any layout from the screen.

Shopo – eCommerce Theme by Themify

Why Shoppe is Best eCommerce WordPress Theme ?

Many WordPress stores has themes for eCommerce needs, and they all are unique. But what yo are given in this WooCommerce template is rarely found into one theme. If you really want to get idea about all modern features of this theme then I would suggest watching live demo. As you scroll through homepage area then you will see a beautiful slider, product sections, featured listings, and more. These are the ready layouts that is included in Themify Page Builder.

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Themify Back-end Options

So you can easily switch over any website layout that fits to your website framework plan. The builder gives you ability to customize pages from front-end area. You just need to activate builder from Themify options panel and click on any section to view editing options. Shoppe theme let’s you customize header layout, navigation style, footer style, sidebar layout and everything.

The builder gives you drag and drop elements like Call outs, Slider, Portfolio, Tabs, Gallery and more. So you can not only display store items on your pages but anything you like. Themify will show you an options panel on back-end so you can access WooCommerce features, Shop settings, Basic settings, and more. This is the place where you can define global layout, color skin (Dark, Elegant, Default) and more.

Themify Builder and Customizer - Shoppe

Additionally, you will also get support to use Live Customizer panel to access same options with preview box. This is going to be great way to customize website color style, fonts, background, header, navigation bar and every part of the website. Well, we had enough talk on website building and customization process. Now it’s time to check-out eCommerce features.

ShopDock Theme by Themify

Themify Shoppe : Features Overview

Ajax Cart : Let your visitors come and shop easily on your site without causing too many page refresh. Traditional shops would refresh your page every time when you add item into shopping cart. Or you are navigated to another page when you click add to cart button. As a result, shopper’s attention gets distracted easily. But when you adapt Ajax cart feature for your online shop then all these problem vanishes easily.

The WooCommerce is top eCommerce plugin used for most of the WordPress store and it is free. So it is going to provide you Ajax cart built-in support. Therefore, your clients will need one click to add item into cart and that won’t cause page refresh. Hence, buyers can concentrate on shopping and browse more items.

Themify Minshop : WooCommerce Theme

Shoppe Featured Preview - Wishlist and Product Zoom Icons

Quick look lightbox : It is good idea to open full product page to get full details, especially when buyer it interested for that particular product. But that won’t be applicable when user just want to quickly go through all product details. Hence, in order to save your browsing time Shoppe WordPress theme offers a Quick Look light-box. As you hover mouse on product featured image, you will find “Magnifier” icon which will load product in light-box.

So user can see product with image and main description. This feature will just open product on separate light box so it won’t cause page redirection. This way, user can check out details of plenty of items in little possible time.

Floating Header -navigation - Shoppe

More Details : eCommerce WordPress Theme

Product Image Zoom/gallery : You have have seen this feature on most of the large authority eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay etc. This feature let’s you browse product images and gallery without leaving page. When you are browsing single product pages, you can click on product photo to view it in zoom mode. This way, you can check-out product with closer look by just clicking and moving mouse on image.

This feature is very helpful when buyer wants to view jewellery design, cloths, shoes and other products. It will only load basic compressed version of images on product page which saves loading time. And user can view large image version using this feature which is good for user and SEO ranking also.

Product Zoom Gallery and Share Options - Shoppe

Wishlist Button : Themify Shoppe is not just a modern but a smart WooCommerce WordPress theme. If you see archive page or any product feature section then you will see a “Hart Icon” upon hovering mouse on thumbnails. This heart icon is called “Wish-list” button which adds product into wish list. So user can see those wish-listed items later any-time to choose final product.

All registered user needs to be logged in to add and save wish-listed items to be viewed later on. When you offer so many products then users becomes confused as they keep browsing. So wish list feature allows shopper to add best items into wish-list and once user is finished browsing product, then he/she can think of selecting their favourite one.

Other WooCommerce Features :

Ajax Quick Search : If you go over header then you will see a search icon on the right top side. Clicking this icon will load full-screen overlay ajax search window on the screen. So user can type search word to find relevant product from the entire site. As you start typing words in search box, it will start displaying relevant items. This dynamic search will show you items instantly as you type, just like search contacts on phone book.

Ajax Search - Shoppe

This is called dictionary search feature which matches user’s type word instantly to the search result shown on the screen. This feature can boost speed of content browsing for shop section and blog post.

Shop Page : Shoppe WordPress theme has custom shop page where user can see all newly listed products at one place. You can manage shop page layout from options page to display sidebar with custom widgets or full-width layout. The WooCommerce widgets will allow you to highlight product categories, price filter, recent products and many stuff on sidebar and other widget areas.

Shoppe - Shop Page layouts - sort - filter options

If you look on the top right corner on shop page then it will show you “Sort” option with ready sort list features. So user can view products by Price, Rating, Newness and other metrics. The shop page options allows you to set total number of columns for grid layout. Administrator can also define total products for single page.

We just want to come to final talk by saying that Themify is best place to purchase responsive eCommerce themes. They WordPress themes are optimized for SEO, mobile devices, modern browsers and for all conditions.

All Important Features :

  • Ajax Pagination : Quick product browsing
  • Related items : Single product page
  • Product listing module : Add goods quickly (SKU Support)
  • Cart and Check-out page support
  • PayPal integration
  • WooCommerce custom widgets, shortcodes and styling options
  • Blog page layouts : List, Grid, Tiled, Full-width
  • Header : Logo, Menu, Icons (cart, Location, Email, My Account)
  • Floating header : Always in top while scrolling
  • Multiple footer widget columns : Display Social links, Categories and contacts
  • Footer Social Banners : Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Social share options on product page
  • Bonus Builder Addons : Worth Over $100
  • Themify custom (free) plugins support
  • Mega Menu support

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