Solostream WP-Food : Restaurant/Food Blog WordPress Theme

WP-Food is a versatile WordPress theme suitable for restaurant business and food bloggers. It is released by Solostream with restaurant business in mind. So any one who is running food club, coffee cafe, snack bar, pastry shop can try it to develop website. The theme provides custom options to manage menu template, online table reservations, photo gallery and more.

WP-Solo Theme Review : SoloStream

WP-Food Solostream - Restaurant and Food Blog WordPress Theme

This way, you can show-off your food/drink menus, online table booking page, blog page and much more. Thanks to built-in administration panel which provides ready options to manage everything.

Why WP-Food WordPress Theme ?

Most of the restaurant templates are developed with general concept and dependent on extra plugins for core featuers. So user need to install 3rd party tools to create menu, photo-galleries and other stuff. But this is first WordPress theme which offers all core features on back0end side. So you don’t have to trust 3rd party plugins for content management.

WP-DaVinci Theme – Solostream

WP-Food is a multi-purpose food blogging and restaurant theme. So food and recipe bloggers can also use it to start an adsense blog. Or you can just develop a restaurant site with blog section. The theme includes range of custom page templates, widgets and styling options. So administrator can always think of starting a unique site that looks stylish and clear.

Photogallery - WP-Food

The flexible design makes it possible to display anything on homepage area. Not only that, you can also display custom logo, social links, menu links and other stuff on header area. Therefore, visitors can easily link to main page templates and social profile links directly from header. The theme has not special rule for styling and layouts. So you are free to pick best color skins and typography that looks right according to your branding.

WP-Food Solostream : Features Overview

Front-Page Slider : A WordPress theme is useless if it doesn’t provide you flexibility, especially for homepage. This restaurant theme gives you simple but appealing homepage where everything looks so clear. The homepage has slideshow established in full-width mode. This is awesome place to present all your best food dishes and special menu items. It has wide space which allows you to display large images with custom title and details.

WP-Food Slider

The slider keeps rotating automatically to display all special dishes and custom posts from blog section. Website owners can highlight anything (Post/Page/Images) on homepage slider. Not only that, you can also add custom title for each slide and set transition time for slideshow.

Home Featured Area : The 2d block on WP-Food homepage offers space to display any 3 pages that connects visitors to main sections. These featured blocks are provided with a purpose to help you add Menu Reservation , Gallery and other important pages. Hence, user can easily pick your main contents and browse more details about your restaurant, different menus and other stuff. These content blurbs provide you ability to choose any featured images, custom title, details and any page from website.

WP-Food - Home Featured Sections and Blog posts

Blog Highlights : The last section on home body area shows latest post entries from blog section. A restaurant site should always display slider, menu page links and other stuff but how can we forget blog updates ?. Therefore, Solostream has offered space to display featured posts from blog/news section. So visitors can keep watch on news released on latest dishes, offers and special recipes.

Page Templates : Solostream

Food-Menu : You may have seen many restaurant sites with built-in food menu page. But what you are going to get in WP Food theme is hardly found anywhere. The menu template offered in this theme provides one page layout. So you can display Unique menu cards system using like Appetizers, Desserts, Soups etc. The menu management section let’s you add Item name, Thumbnail, Ingredients and Price details.

Food menu -  WP-Food  Solostream

Apart from that, you are going to find an floating bar on the left side of the screen with links to connect all menu cards. With single page, it becomes hard to scroll to bottom as it takes time. For e.g. you want to browse Desserts which is located at the bottom on menu. Then you don’t have to browse manually all the way, just click “Desserts” button on the link bar on from the left panel. And you will be taken to that section by auto-scrolling feature.

This way, diners can easily browse different menu sections at great speed. The menu is optimized for both administrator as well as visitors.

Reservation Page : WP-Food WordPress theme has online reservation system integrated into reservation page. This page gives you ready form with fields to accept booking details. So site visitors can send you inquiry for advanced table booking. The form asks for Date, Time, Total persons, Email, Phone and all key details. So you can follow back clients request for final confirmation.

Reservation Page - WP Food

Final Words :

Before we go towards end of this review, you must know that WP-Food also has contact page with form. So user can use it to contact you or they can find address, phone and other details from there. Gallery template is also integrated to display all best photos of your food, restaurant, events and other stuff. Blog page is also there to share good recipes or news for your business.

Blog Page - WP-Food Solostream

I like food menu for dynamic floating system and homepage slider for parallax featured style. Everything looks impressive from fonts style to background which can surely impress visitors. The theme works on mobiles and all devices because it is made of responsive layout. So I would just ask all people to buy this theme who wants online portal for restaurant or a food blog.

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