WP-Music Premium WordPress Music Theme : Solostream

Meet WP-Music : A best premium music WordPress theme from Solostream. This theme is integrated with clean but very appealing layout where user can easily browse everything. It can be good choice for all music professionals and singer who wants to promote their albums.

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WP-Music Solostream - Music Band WordPress Theme

The theme offers you custom page templates to promote Band/Personal details, Albums, Blog, and Online shop to sell albums or other goods. Thanks to Solostream developers for offering all in one music template with advanced features.

What We Liked In WP-Music WordPress Theme ?

This theme works for singers, bands, musicians, DJs and all people who are into music/entertainment business. So you just have to buy this music theme and use it to start music related personal site, blog or online portal to sell music tracks. This theme has been offered with Layout Flexibility which is best for people who loves dynamic sites.

Moreover, it gives you full control on fonts, colors, header and each element. Because everything is managed using options panel where you will see user friendly options. So you don’t need CSS coding work or any programmer. Just pick right color, font style, logo and content sections. And you are ready to publish your music site with all personal or professional details.

WP-Music Albums Tracks

The theme offers Social Media Integration for all major platforms. So musicians and singers can add links to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and all big sites. When you add social links on website then you automatically start getting more followers. And this followers list can be utilized to promote future events or music albums. The theme looks simple but it has many advanced features.

WP-Music Solostream : Best Features

Floating Design : If you look over demo and try to scroll then yo will see that it has fixed layout. So header, footer and sidebar will stay fixed and visible on the screen. The top of the page shows floating bar with search widget box (left), shopping cart icon and Wishlist/Like button. Hence, visitors can search for contents from anywhere. The right side shows shopping cart link which allows visitor to check-out easily.

WP-Music Floating Header Sidebar

If you look on the left side then it shows menu type square link blocks linked to custom pages. Each link shows icons in default mode and it shows link title when you hover mouse on the link box. Therefore, user is going to access all pages from the navigation bar that is given on the left of the screen. The left navigation panel is also provided in fixed mode. So you can see it always there when you scroll with the page.

The bottom section shows a full-width audio player bar in fixed mode. It is a global media player which let’s you play and stream music site wide. The music will keep playing in uninterrupted mode even when you navigate from one to another page. The audio player is built-in part of WP-Music WordPress theme which offers many controls. For e.g. Play button, Sound control, Streaming bar, Like button, Repeat button etc.

WP-Music Audio Player

Therefore, visitors can listen to sample or best music tracks on your site. And this is best way to let visitors listen to tracks and make them buy your albums. It will not only offer live streaming experience but also generate revenue by selling more tracks directly from your site.

Other Benefits :

The theme uses “WooCommerce” integration to sell albums or any goods online. This eCommece plugin is free and good way to sell goods and collect revenue using PayPal. If we go further then you will see multiple built-in page sections like Albums, Blog, Contact, Songs, About etc. These pages are loaded into middle body section without refreshing entire page. Thanks to Ajax which loads pages smoothly into view port.

WP-Music Solostream - Add item to cart

This way, you won’t feel disturbance in live music streaming from audio player. Because WP-Music theme just reload page block and not the entire window. The listing page let’s you add all music albums, tracks, price, album cover and artist detail. So visitors can see all albums details with tracks list. The contact page give you access to google map, contact form and text block to share address and phone numbers.

WP Music Solostream - Contact Page  with maps

Solostream has offered blog page, footer widget sections, social widget, text widget and many basic options. This is all rounder music WordPress theme that keeps your fans focused on contents. The left top corner shows a small space to display brand logo. So yo won’t miss opportunity to display brand symbol of your band or music business.

WP-Music - Footer Widgets

The theme keeps everything minimal and light weight as it uses no extra images. Therefore, you can load it faster on mobiles and all devices. And also rip SEO benefits and high page views. Just view live demo while reading this review, and I am sure you will give it first preference.

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