AudioTheme Huesos Demo : Band Music WordPress Theme

We are happy to announce the release of Huesos which is a content-focused music theme by AudioTheme. The theme is good choice for any one wanting to establish a professional online presence. Whether you are running a music band, DJ club or orchestra group, it fits to all. The theme offers basic as well as unique features so artists and singers can promote themselves.

Huesos AudioTheme - Music Theme Frontpage Demo

If we talk about top features then it has AudioTheme plugin that includes options fo Gigs, Videos, Discography and more. So you just have to enter back-end area to start listing new albums, concerts schedule, and other stuff. The easy to use customize and back-end controls makes it perfect for novice users also. The theme also covers a blog template (Link and Quote Post Formats) for promotion and marketing.

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Top Features Of Huesos WordPress Theme

Responsive : Let people enjoy music and browse all your contents from small and all screen sizes. The Huesos theme has truly responsive layout that works on desktop, and handy devices. Normally, header logo and menus are shown on the left of the screen. But responsive mode will automatically shift it to the top while browsing from mobile or any small size devices.

The top header will show off-screen menu button so visitors can easily check-out all top links. If you load media player from small screens (mobiles) then play-list will accessible through a menu type button, instead of toggle.

Huesos Responsive Preview - Music Band Theme

Header Elements : The header permits yo to use text as logo and tag-line. Musicians can also choose logo image for header area which is optional. The header provides space to add 2 menus so you can display all main links along with social links. Primary navigation bar is good place to show main links (blog, gigs, gallery, videos, music) as shown in the demo. This way, user can easily check all new albums, upcoming events, blog posts and other areas.

The social navigation bar is also available with support for custom icons. Once you add links for Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and other sites then it will automatically detect social site and use built-in icons accordingly.

Off-screen Mobile Menu - Marquee

AudioTheme Plugin Options : This developer has made it’s own plugin that includes all core music features. So whatever music template you will buy from their store will get full support for this plugin. Once it is installed and in working mode, it will show options to add new albums, gigs, videos and other stuff. Apart from that, it offers WordPress gallery support and you can use JetPack plugin to create mosaic gallery listing page.

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AudioTheme Plugin Support - Huesos  Gigs Discography

Huesos AudioTheme : Music Features

Audio / Music Player : All AudioTheme templates includes support for this feature. Hence, visitors can easily listen to music tracks in almost seamless style. The “Cue” plugin support is offered to help manage play list for music. If you want your fans to listen to your best music tracks while browsing pages then here is best feature.

The audio player visibility can be set for homepage only or you can make site-wide visible. The player shows controls to play/pause music and also toggle to browse playlist.

Site-Wide Jams Audio Player - Huesos

Widget Optimized Homepage : Huesos WordPress theme consist of 2 main widget areas : One is primary sidebar and another is homepage. You can add Custom album, Upcoming shows, Latest news and other elements on homepage using “Home” widget area. The sidebar widget block is good place to promote new albums, show ads or display custom elements. You can use single sidebar for entire site and also make is invisible for certain pages by choosing “full-width” layout.

Huesos Home Page Widgets

Customize Panel : AudioTheme options panel loads all settings with preview box. So artists can easily setup website using visual customizer. This panel helps you to choose styling options like color skin, background image, background color, fonts and more. You can change navigation settings, homepage settings, logo and everything from customizer.

Customizer Panel - Huesos AudioTheme

Final Words : Band Singer Theme

Other Details : Those people who wants to sell albums or any merchandise from their website will get ecommerce support. The theme gives you styling for Easy Digital Downloads plugin, so site owners can sell digital goods easily. Apart from that, you will find options to add custom “buy now” links with albums. So visitors can access links for iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Cart.

While listing music albums, you will find options to specify details like album name, singer details, image, release year, genre and more. Also you can provide URL for each track which is playable with media player. Same way, Gigs listing post provides custom fields to add concert schedule, maps, timings, featured image and other stuff.

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