AudioTheme Ovation : Best Music WordPress Theme

Ovation is a band music WordPress theme by AudioTheme which provides easy to customize theme options. So those musicians who don’t know coding or web development work can also start their own music website. The them itself provides every features that is needed to start a music niche site. AudioTheme provides special plugin support which gives you multiple features : Gigs, Records, Videos etc.

Ovation AudioTheme - Best Music Band WordPress Theme

Whether you need a music blog to engage with fans or a professional site to sell albums or promote videos. This single WordPress theme has great platform to showcase your events, albums, tracks, tour details, videos and much more.

What We Liked About Ovation AudioTheme ?

We have been reviewing all music WordPress themes from this developer and many other theme sellers. But, we have seen couple of unique features which puts it into unique basket. If you look over demo then it shows Off-screen sidebar, Parallax feature, Multiple content sections (homepage) and more. These features can easily develop a highly effective website to engage with visitors.

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You can definitely add custom page sections to display albums, single tracks, videos, blog posts, events and more. But how about showing them all at one pace ?. Well, that’s what homepage is provided for. The custom homepage layout gives you option to select any pages from website and add them all using custom sections on homepage. So user can see highlight or updates from every posts : e.g. latest albums, upcoming tours, latest posts etc.

Discography Records and Tracks Listings - Ovation

We liked Ovation for dark and white color skin in demo that shows text and images in clear way. This color skin can work for most of the professional bands and music studios. But that’s only for demo, you can switch to red, green, blue or any color that relates to your brand or personal style. The advanced front-page layout is best for artists and singers wanting to promote tracks list and albums.

The homepage adds a full-width parallax image before every home section. So user can easily find out what he/she is going to find by scrolling down on the page. We love the floating menu (optional) that keeps itself visible on the top of the page, while scrolling.

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Main Features Overview :

Excellent Design : The theme looks clean and simple with elegant platform supported by parallax images. You don’t have to worry about page load speed or SEO compatibility. Developers has already used modern coding style and advanced design concept to keep you on the top. Many music websites are made of poor navigation and loads very slow. But Ovation WordPress theme loads at great speed because it has minimalist layout.

Responsive Music Template - Ovation

The navigation system is also powerful as user can browse links from header menu, sidebar navigation, homepage, and footer area. The content focused design makes it easier to browse different pages and contents easily right from the homepage or other pages.

Homepage Setup : If you Ovation demo then it shows several sections with featured image and contents. Well, you don’t have to follow same concept as demo, nor you have to write code to add those sections. The WordPress customizer gives you options to populate home sections with selected pages. Every section can be linked to particular page on your site to display contents as yo specify from options panel.

Ovation Customizer - Front Page Sections

You can even drag and drop home contents as you need. The featured header area (homepage) appears first on homepage before navigation bar. This section works nicely to display any selected image or video as header background. Once you setup media element for header then you can display logo on middle and social navigation links on the top.

The navigation bar shows custom menu links which has been added by website owner. The homepage shows full-width preview but you must know that sidebar is still available. The off-screen sidebar is not visible to users when they land on the website. So they will find a toggle button (3 horizontal bars) on the left of navigation o panel. This button will show and hide sidebar and widgets which has been added by administrator.

Header Menu and Toogle Button - Ovation

More About Ovation Theme :

The theme let’s choose custom font style that looks best for your music website. You don’t have to be in boundary when it comes to add styling for music portal. The theme gives you customizer options to select font, color, background and other elements. If we talk about music related pages then it helps visitors to check out details about next show, new albums and other stuff. Below is the quick detail about all main pages that is important to musicians.

Upcoming Gigs : Display all Upcoming music show details to your fans in proper way using tabular style with date, location, Name, Ticket button and Info link to access full page. The gigs page automatically keep next date at the top of the page so fans can easily join you at concert. You can also add gigs archive page to display past gigs to provide information about past shows.

Upcoming Gigs Listings - Ovation AudioTheme

The gigs listing page just shows main information in tabular listing. But if you visit full gig page then you can see social share links, venue details, date, time, map, calendar links, ticket details and more.

Discography : This music archive page is best spot to highlight albums, singles, and EPs all on single page. Just like gigs page, you can develop a custom menu for discography page to add filter links (e.g. Album, All, EP). Hence, visitors can easily click navigation button to see only single records or tracks or albums.

Video Library : Ovation is offered with custom video panel powered by AudioTheme. So you can embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo and all other big platforms. So visitors can enjoy videos released for latest music albums, event or past concerts.

Ovation Video Archive - Ovation Music Theme

This responsive music WordPress theme is best for iPad, smart phones and all devices. Just use it to launch your online multi-purpose music platform. Thanks to developers for offering custom widgets which helps to show Banners, Social links, Instagram photos and other stuff.

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