Nowell AudioTheme : Best Responsive Music WP Theme

Introducing Nowell : A 100% responsive music and band WordPress theme for singers and artists. AudioTheme is very popular for releasing top quality music themes that provides flexibility and awesome design. As a result, site owners has to spend less time compare to those templates which requires lots of coding work. This is the right solution for music, band, orchestra, or events promotion website that comes in budget.

Nowell Demo  AudioTheme - WordPress Music Theme

Despite being offered in affordable budget, It still comes with all advanced features that is found nowhere in other music templates. Whether you come across to list events, discography, videos or other stuff, you will see ready options for everything. All you have to do is to install theme and recommended plugins which has been packed into theme package.

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Features List For Nowell Theme :

Widgets & Sidebar Areas : The Nowell theme acquires many widget areas for different types of pages like Archives, Front page, Navigation sidebar and other pages. All these widget areas are optional so you can utilize to show them latest tracks, gigs list, Ad banner or whatever is needed. If you leave widget area empty then content section will automatically expand fully to use empty space.

Nowell Widget sections

This premium music theme also supports all AudioTheme widgets like Recent posts, Track, Record, Video and others. What makes this theme really unique is the ability to showcase video, record and other media items with lightbox. The lightbox is powered by Ajax which unique method to display media types in quick and smooth mode. It shows the media elements without loading new page which is core reason for it’s efficiency.

The homepage offers left sidebar to display header and widgets. So you visitor’s will see logo, navigation menu and widgets on the left side. For rest of the pages, you can manage sidebar through given layouts.

Nowell Lightbox

Custom Social Icons : See Nowell live demo which has social icons navigation bar on the lower right corner. This social media icons bar is added from WordPress menus which automatically assign icons based on the URL. For e.g. if you add Twitter profile then it will automatically add relevant when it finds “Twitter” word in social profile page URL.

So you don’t have to add, crop or upload icons to highlight social profile section. Just assign social profiles which you want to promote among visitors and it will increase followers when you promote them on your website. It uses CSS font icons instead of images which will help you maintain good loading speed.

Nowell Social Icons

Nowell : Content & Other Features:

Archive Menus : Administrators can develop custom menus for each archive page powered by AudioTheme. With the help of WordPress menus, you can instantly assign links to selected record type, past gigs and other custom links as desired. The main purpose of this design was to provide filter menu for archive pages, but you can use it for any purpose.

Nowell AudioTheme Archive Menus

Hero Area : This awesome is one of the finest component Nowell. It just creates best presentation board on the top of any posts or pages. Hero area allows you to define singe featured image to any Post, Page, or AudioTheme Archive. You can further spice up presentation of hero board by assigning caption, description which is shown as image overlay. It helps you to use images, links, text, shortcodes, video embed URL and other stuff as description. This way, you can promote album poster, and make every by showing videos for new concert or affiliate programs.

To take things further, Nowell offers support for “Hero Image Links”. Hence, you can define custom URL for image attachments so that visitors can browse other relevant items. Some people would prefer to add external links and some would prefer to add main archive page links.

Nowell Music Features  - Gigs Records and Videos

If you want to add more power to hero area then you can choose to display image slider instead of single single static image. Just pick set of multiple images to spice things up while using all features as we just mentioned. You can add hero image slider along with caption, links, details and everything.

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Customization Options : Nowell is a novice friendly WordPress music theme which combines a live customizer panel. So you don’t have to access big theme panel to manage website. Instead, you can just switch over to WP customizer and see all existing options along with preview. The This is where you can choose Layout, Navigation style (hero), Background image filter, color skins and more.

Customizer Options - Nowell

You will be visiting this section to customize typography, styling, homepage, navigation and other sections. The homepage is not too overloaded with content areas like other music band themes. Instead, it gives you a unique design to display big image slider (top), a music player and 3 widget sections. For music player, you will be getting support for Cue plugin to add custom play-list.

Nowell Responsive Music Theme

AudioTheme provides widgets to display Recent posts, Upcoming events and other stuff on homepage. 3 widget sections are given for home area so you can highlight whatever works for your niche. Once you install AudioTheme Plugin then it will add music features to back-end panel. Hence, novice users can also manage to list tracks, albums, gigs, videos and create photo gallery easily.

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