Themify Notes – iPhone Notes App Styled Blog Theme

Notes is a blogging WordPress theme with fluid responsive layout from Themify. The theme offers tumblr features including custom post types and more. So you will get better option to share every content in unique way. If you just check out design with close look then you will come to know that it is inspired from iPhone Notes app. The theme has been developed from light textured background which makes your site look more attractive.

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The header includes a bookmark ribbon which makes entire header look appealing. In-short, this is a web journal template for any one who wants to use WordPress CMS to share their contents. The footer section offers 4 widget sections and sidebar also has many space for custom widgets. So there will be good opportunity to present latest posts, comments, banners, flickr photos and other stuff.

Notes WordPress Theme Features Review :

Top Header Area : This section is easily noticeable from all parts of the website. Whether you visit homepage or single post page, you can always see header at first. This section could be utilized to display navigation menu, logo and other stuff. The Notes WordPress theme offers you custom menu options, logo upload feature and widget space.

Hence, your blog will always be ready to highlight social links, important page/category links and other stuff on header area.


Footer Area : This blogging theme offers you pagination button bar on the bottom of the body section. Because homepage can only display a couple of latest post entries. So visitor should be provided with a navigation point to browse other old articles. The numbered pagination bar offers them ability to visit previous pages with single click only.

The footer is located on the bottom of the page and this section us very useful. You can just drag and drop widgets to show-off anything. It would be great idea to display social media links, contacts, banners or anything you like. Themify provides multiple menus support so footer is another place to display multiple menus. You can also display back to top button and use custom background image for footer block.

More Features : Notes Themify

Featured Post : The front-page highlights latest posts from top to down order. So readers will see all new posts on homepage area with featured image and other details. If you check homepage area then you will see that posts are highlighted in featured style. The excerpt view shows little preview of first few words as defined in options panel.


Each entry shows Post type icon, Date and taxonomies on the left side. The note-book style background looks awesome when you read articles. This is a best journal blogging theme for any content based website.

Post Formats : The Notes WordPress theme has WordPress post formats so you could post everything easily. The ready post formats list includes 10 options so you can post video, gallery, image, audio and other stuff. This feature could be very helpful for all modern bloggers. Whether you are starting photo blog, entertainment blog or marketing website, it is good for all.


The theme easily generates custom featured images for every post type. So user can easily get idea about post type from featured image preview. As a result, you won’t need extra time and featured post entries will look more appealing.

Final Conclusion :

Single Post : Just try opening any post from Notes Demo and look around bottom of the post. You will see it having Next and Previous post links which is called in-post navigation. Threaded comments system is also available to share thoughts and discuss with other readers. The sidebar is always visible with widget contents, so readers can have more options to jump over other contents.

Themify options panel and WordPress customizer offers flexibility to manage all sections. Therefore, you just need basic WordPress skill to manage color skins, background, fonts, page layouts, sidebar layouts and everything.


I would suggest this modern WordPress blogging theme to every individual who needs a simple yet effective content journal.

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